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Jana Downs - Physical ChemistryPhysical Chemistry by Jana Downs

Nico Johnston is a nerd with a grudge. The top of his class in the Chemical Engineering department at his university, Nico has everything he could ask for in his academic career. Until Jin Rogers transfers from Penn State and usurps his position as highest ranked student in the department. To add insult to injury, Jin has just joined the research project Nico is conducting for the department head and it doesn’t matter that Jin is gorgeous, kind, and talented,
Nico can’t risk getting evenp rofessionally involved with a man like Jin again.

Jin Rogers fell for Nico the second he laid eyes on him. Nico has proven himself to be intelligent, talented, and driven,  qualities which Jin finds to be incredibly intriguing. Unfortunately, Nico has always been oblivious to Jin’s crush. But, Jin is hoping that their shared research project
will lead to more than just good test results.

Download for free here: Jana Downs – Physical Chemistry

Frat Boy For SaleJana Downs - Frat Boy for Sale

A free ongoing blog story by Jana Downs

Free to read at: Jana Downs – Frat Boy For Sale


4 thoughts on “Jana Downs – Free Books”

  1. Anyone know what happened to this author? I have been searching for the continuation of his guardian angels series, to be specific, the last book, angelic ending. But I can’t find it anywhere. And it’s been so long since the last book published.


  2. Thank you for replying. Oh my god, I’m really sorry to hear that. I hope she will recover soon. I wish the best for her and you too. Thank you for letting me know, Pixie.


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