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Hi peeps, we have Meg Bawden popping in today with her upcoming release Rushing Love, we have a fantastic guest post where Meg shares part 1 of Flynn and Grayson’s Valentine story, we also have a awesome giveaway so check out the post and click that giveaway link! ❤ ~Pixie~ 

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Rushing Love

(States of Love 16: South Dakota)

Meg Bawden

After a devastating break-up with the man he thought he’d spend his life with, Flynn Webb takes a holiday to a South Dakota dude ranch. It’s something completely different from anything he’s done before, and it helps that it’s as far away from his ex as possible. Trapped in his own depressive thoughts, Flynn is surprised to meet Grayson Harland. Not only is Grayson a sexy cowboy—one fifteen years younger—but he’s the most charming man Flynn has ever met.

Flynn doesn’t have much experience with being seduced, and he has even less with guys like Grayson taking an interest in him—and Grayson is definitely interested. What begins as a fling while visiting iconic South Dakota sights soon develops the potential for much more. But Flynn is afraid that falling in love again so soon—and with a man so much younger—will lead only to another catastrophic heartbreak. Luckily for them both, Grayson isn’t giving up without a fight.

Release date: 22nd February 2017

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Hi there! My name is Meg Bawden, and MM Good Book Reviews has graciously accepted me on their blog today for the release of my new story, Rushing Love. Rushing Love is a M/M romance story set in South Dakota, USA. I wrote it for the States of Love line from Dreamspinner Press and I can’t wait for its release. I had so much fun writing it and I can’t wait to share it with you.

To celebrate both the release and Valentine’s Day, I’ve written a small segment of Flynn and Grayson’s lives, which just so happens to be the first time Flynn meets Grayson’s mom. Without further ado:

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Valentine’s Rush: Part One

There was something scary about meeting your boyfriend’s mother. His father? That’s fine, Flynn could handle him. But a mother was a different matter. If she was the type of mother Flynn was used to, she’d be overly protective of her children—suspicious of her children’s significant others. He’d avoided meeting her for months now, mostly because Grayson’s brother was enough to handle, and if she was anything like JJ, Flynn was in for a rough Valentine’s Day. So yeah, he was nervous. Very nervous.

“Tell me why we have to spend our first Valentine’s with your family.” Flynn stared out at the pastures they passed. They were getting closer to the family ranch now and for the most part, Flynn was excited to get out of the truck. Six hours was too damn long to be cooped inside the cab, even if it was one of those huge Ford trucks they had specially on the dude ranch for trips like this.

Grayson glanced at him, or Flynn thought he did because his head turned in his direction, but he couldn’t see Grayson’s pretty eyes behind those huge Ray Ban sunglasses. Not that he blamed his much younger boyfriend. The afternoon sun sent a glaring light through the windscreen, that bounced off the dashboard and straight into their eyes.

“We’ll be spending every Valentine’s with them.” Grayson sent him one of his charming smiles. It was one of those smiles that had Flynn’s toes curling in his boots. God, what he’d do for Grayson to pull over right then and there, on the side of the road, and fuck him until he forgot his worries.

“Tell me why again?” Flynn was sure Grayson told him why, but it’d been three in the morning when Gray was getting up for work, which usually left Flynn curling up in the blankets to fill the missing warmth of his body heat.

“Because it’s a family tradition. We get together, with our significant others, and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Unless you’re single, then you’ll just sit there on your own.” Grayson’s brows scrunched in thought for a moment, then he laughed. “Did that for a few years…or all of them. This is the first time I’ve brought someone.”

“And it just happened to be your boyfriend who’s fifteen years older than you. Your mother would be so proud.” Flynn rolled his eyes, but his heart thumped harder in his chest. God, Gray’s mother was going to kill him. Gray was her youngest son and he was dating a man who was older than her eldest child. Jeez.

Grayson laid a hand on his knee and petted it through Flynn’s jeans. “Calm down, babe. It’ll be fine. She already knows who I’m dating.”

“Yes, JJ probably told her all about it.” Flynn fell back against the truck’s seat and sighed.

JJ hated him. Okay, no, that wasn’t true. They got along, for the most part. They had to, even though Flynn wasn’t living with Grayson yet. He’d been sensible and rented his own apartment in town, but JJ still didn’t believe Flynn was there for Grayson. He believed Flynn wanted money from the Harlands.

Flynn could see the dilemma for JJ, being that JJ considered himself the older and more sensible brother, but Flynn hadn’t taken a cent off them. That’s if you didn’t count wages, and that didn’t count because Flynn worked for them now. It didn’t matter anyway, he was overthinking things.

Grayson wasn’t looking at him, but when Flynn sighed again, he smiled. “Are you back in the land of the living?”

Flynn rolled his eyes. Grayson was used to his overthinking by now. He knew when Flynn lost himself in his own brain. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. It’s how you do things and I respect that.”

He reached over to lay a kiss on Grayson’s cheek. “Brendan never….” He huffed. He still hadn’t broken the habit of speaking about his ex. Grayson was patient, he was always patient, but there was only so much a man could take of his boyfriend talking about his ex.

Grayson slid his glasses on his head and glanced at Flynn. “It’s okay, babe. I get it. You and Brendan were together for nineteen years. He had a big part of your life.”

Had. Not anymore.” And it was a relief to just say the words. “It’s done, and I need to realize that mentioning him isn’t healthy for me.”

“You sure about that? Seems like he’s had a big part of your life.”

Flynn groaned. “So you’re okay with me mentioning him then?”

Grayson sighed as he released the gas pedal. The truck began to slow before he took a right turn into a dirt driveway. The large sign above the driveway read ‘The Harland Home Ranch’ and the words left him breathless. God, they were getting closer to Grayson’s mother.

“I hate you mentioning him, Flynn. I hate you mentioning him because I’m jealous. I admit it. He had you for nineteen years. Since I was two years old—”

“You didn’t need to remind me of that.” Flynn ran a hand over his tired face.

“But he’s been a part of your life. He was your life. So, I know it’s unavoidable. And I’m adult enough to know I’m just going to have to fucking deal with that.” Grayson shrugged. “Just like you have to deal with all the people I fucked before you. Brendan and those former fucks are in the past.”

Flynn smiled. Damn. Grayson was a mature man at the tender age of twenty-one and maybe that’s one of the reasons that Flynn fell in love with him. Love. Was it too early for love? They’d been dating for seven months if he included the three months Flynn was still living in New York. So probably not.

As Grayson pulled the truck to a stop and put it into park, Flynn’s chest tightened. Shit. They were here. What the hell was he supposed to do now?

Grayson cocked his head at Flynn and grinned. “Come on. She’s not the big, bad wolf.”

“So you say!” Flynn grumbled as he exited the cab. “But you’re not the one who’s fifteen years older than your boyfriend.” He saw Grayson roll his eyes before he shut his own door.

Grayson rounded the truck and slipped his hand into Flynn’s. “Everyone will be here. My older brother is married to a woman who’s been married three times previously.”

“Is she fifteen years older than him?”

He frowned for a moment, before shaking his head at Flynn. “Nope. Four years younger, I think.”

“Then that’s not helpful.” Flynn inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. He could do this.

“Have you got your supplies?” Grayson’s voice was close to his ear, his breath caressing the shell of it.

“Condoms and lube?” Flynn asked without opening his eyes.

Grayson’s laughter caused a heavier bout of air to hit Flynn’s ear, which made him to open his eyes. “I meant your diabetic supplies.”

“Oh.” Flynn flushed.

“Ah, there’s my blush.” Grayson caressed his cheek with his thumb. “You’re so cute when you blush. Don’t worry, babe, I got the condoms and lube.” He winked.

“Ugh.” Flynn smacked him lightly on the arm and released his hand to grab his bag from the cab. It was approaching dinner and he’d need his insulin. “No sex while we’re in this house. Your parents live here!”

Grayson shrugged. “It’s the family home.”

“Exactly!” Flynn retook Grayson’s hand and they headed toward the house together.

When Flynn imagined the Harland home as they drove here, he imagined a beautiful old-styled mansion that came with everything he’d expect from one, from the huge windows with white panelled window shutters, to the grand pillars at the front of the veranda. It’d have lively vines running up the length of it, but still be freshly painted and new. Like something people would see in Louisiana or down south.

What he got was the complete opposite. It was still big—big enough to fit the Harland parents plus eight kids—but it felt homelier. Something that suited North Dakota perfectly. It still had the large windows and some window shutters, but there were no pillars or vines or a servant who opened the door and greeted Grayson with a ‘sir’ like out of some old-fashioned movie. It was made from russet bricks, with a cream double door and a huge fireplace chimney that promised a nice warm fire. It looked nice. Comfortable.

Grayson grinned at him. “We’re not those kinds of rich people.”

“Huh?” Flynn had the decency to blush in shame.

“I know what you expected.” He laughed.

Grayson knew a lot about Flynn. He read him as though he came with a manual, and it was refreshing, especially after spending nineteen years with a man that only wanted to do things his way. Who only cared about himself. And yet, it was still hard to believe that this happiness Flynn was feeling was because of a twenty-one-year-old man.

The front door opened and a woman padded out of the house. She wasn’t what Flynn imagined either. He imagined a petite woman, sweet-looking with a kind face, but underneath, she was all protective momma instincts. But she wasn’t. She was tall, nearly taller than Grayson much to Flynn’s surprise, and fierce. Even from where he stood, Flynn could see her glare and sensed her anger through her crossed arms and stiff shoulders.

“So, there’s the pervert!” she yelled over the distance between them.

Flynn froze. God, his fears were coming true. She hated him. Had JJ said something? He wasn’t afraid of her, not exactly, but he wanted her approval.

As she stalked over to them, her boots crunching the ground beneath her feet, Flynn steeled himself. He could do this. If she wasn’t happy for them, then too bad for her. They could drive all the way back if she didn’t like him being here.

As she reached them, she abruptly stopped and pointed her finger at him. “Are you the pervert?”

Flynn opened his mouth to retort angrily, but Grayson’s laughter made him pause. Grayson thought this was funny? He spun toward his boyfriend, eyes wide and mouth agape.

“Ma, stop it! You’re scaring him.”

Flynn glanced between the still-angry woman and Grayson, not quite sure how to react. Then Mrs. Harland’s features relaxed and a smile slipped onto her face before she joined Grayson in his laughter. She patted Flynn on the back, nearly toppling him over. Damn, she was strong. Who would have guessed?

“You’re all right with me, Flynn. I was just teasing you. You should have seen your face!” Her laughter grew louder as she spun on her heels and stalked back towards the house, while yelling over her shoulder, “Come on, boys, dinner is nearly ready. I think Flynn needs time to change his underwear before everyone gets here.”

Flynn stared at Grayson, still in a mixture of shock and confusion.

“My family is crazy.” He shrugged. “Come on, babe, let’s get some rest before the horde descends. If you think Ma was bad, wait until you meet the rest of them.”

Oh, Flynn couldn’t wait.

More coming soon! 😀

Don’t worry, Flynn meets the rest of the family. I have more upcoming blog tours and you’ll read more of their family meetings soon! If you’d like to follow me, you can find me here: Facebook | Twitter

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About Meg

Meg Bawden was born and raised in North Queensland, Australia. She’s loved stories since before she can remember and has always enjoyed creating characters of her own, even if it did begin with drawing faces on toilet rolls and giving them names. Wiring has always been a passion of hers and she’s loved the M/M genre since 2004, the first book she read being Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez.

Writing M/M since 2007, Meg has never had the confidence to attempt publishing her own stories, but in 2015, she decided that it was all about to change thanks to the amazing friends she’s made in the M/M genre and their support and encouragement. So watch out world, Meg Bawden is coming out to have some fun!

Where to find the author:

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