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Hi guys, we have Allison Cassatta popping in today with her upcoming release Dearly Stalked, we have a brilliant guest post where Allison shares her inspiration for Dearly Stalked, and we have a great excerpt, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~ 

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Dearly Stalked


Allison Cassatta

Writing crime novels catapulted Memphis native Silas Cooper to fame and fortune, but when his words backfire and he becomes trapped in what could be one of his books, he needs a hero of his own.

Silas’s publicist insists he hire a personal assistant, and Silas chooses Scott Kramer. But before Scott starts, he already has a round of steamy phone sex to hold over Silas’s head, and his interest in his boss isn’t decreasing.

Benjamin Logan joined the Army to see the world, and while deployed he read every one of Silas’s books. With his military career over, Ben is back in Memphis working for the police department—and attempting a deeply closeted relationship with fellow cop Morgan Brown.

Over coffee, Silas and Ben become friends who support each other as relationships fall apart, and the attraction between them slowly emerges. When a dangerous stalker threatens Silas, it’s up to Ben to stop him.

If Ben fails, Silas might not live to tell this story… and Ben might not be able to live with himself.

Release date: 23rd January 2017
Pre-order: Dreamspinner PressAmazonB&N

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The Hot Cop at Starbucks…

by Allison Cassatta!

A common curiosity amongst readers seems to be writer inspiration. What made you write that story? My answer to that question is as simple as five words–the hot cop at Starbucks–and as complicated as finding new beauty in a place I’ve lived all my life.

My hometown has a somewhat dubious past what with being a Jim Crow state and the assassination of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, but there’s also a rich culture in art and music. There are so many interesting places in Memphis, and by far one of my favorite parts of the city is the setting for the story of a boy-next-door type police-officer and a reclusive crime novelist. Their paths cross in the greatest Starbucks in the city. No, they really aren’t all the same.

Allison Cassatta - Dearly Stalked BookmarkThe story developed when I was sitting on the patio of my beloved Starbucks, watching traffic fly by on Union Avenue. Well, if you look left from the patio, you’ll seen the Memphis Police Department’s Union Station. So, it’s not out of the ordinary to see a squad car roll by or to walk inside and find a few police officers sidled up to the bar. Usually, they have their heads in paperwork, but sometimes you can catch them sharing a laugh with the baristas. I walked inside and found my place in line, waiting for some yummy, caffeinated goodness, that’s when I spotted him. He had dark hair and dark eyes, chiseled jaw with a little stubble. He had tattoos down both arms. Oh. My. Freaking. God. And like any great muse, mine reared her little head and said to me, “you have GOT to tell a story with him.” Yes, ma’am. It wasn’t unlike me to develop little stories about the people in Starbucks just to distract myself. His story, though… well, it was a lot more interesting. His story got put to words.

Have you ever found inspiration like that? Seeing something so profound you’re inspired to do something. Maybe it’s writing a story or painting a picture. Maybe you were inspired to go above and beyond to help someone. I would love to hear about what inspires you.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with an excerpt.

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Ben had every intention of getting back to his paperwork but the door opened again. Moving glass reflected the sunlight and cast a shimmering glow over the otherwise darkened coffee shop. That’s when Ben saw him.

“Silas Cooper,” he whispered.

Now, he wasn’t the type to go all fangirl or whatever it was called. But holy shit. Silas Cooper. Ben had started reading Cooper’s books when he’d been deployed to the sandbox. Those books were part of the reason Ben became a cop when he got out of the Army. Those books were, are….

“Hello, officer,” Silas said with a smile.

“Hi.” Ben grinned wider, worrying the cup of coffee in his grip.

“Is this seat taken?”

“No. No, sir. Go ahead.”

“Sir. That’s cute.” Silas sat down beside him.

He sat like a proper gentleman: legs crossed high on his thighs, hands folded in his lap, posture as perfect as Ben had ever seen before. He was a handsome man with a healthy bit of scruff on his jaw, slender face and an arrogant smile, penetrating eyes and a confident stare. He didn’t look away from people, and the fact made him more magnetic than his silky voice ever could’ve.

Ben turned his attention back to his paperwork, hoping if he focused on something else, he wouldn’t accidentally stare at the literary star beside him, hoping if he concentrated on not being awkward he wouldn’t out himself right in the middle of the public eye. It worked. Facts from the domestic violence call he’d answered spewed from his pen like the frantic woman’s words as she’d recounted what her husband had done to her before fleeing the scene. This would probably end up being the most detailed and best-written report he’d ever submitted.

“I enjoy the company of police officers,” Cooper said. He held out his hand, eyeing Ben with resolve. “I’m Silas.”

“I know who you are.” Ben kept his hands to himself, fearing his trembling fingers and sweaty palm. What. The. Actual. Fuck? Ben didn’t get nervous. He didn’t get scared.

“I see.” Silas tucked his hand away. “Have our paths crossed before?”

“Nah.” Ben shook his head, closing his binder, because clearly he wouldn’t be doing any of that paperwork he really needed to complete. “I read a couple of your books when I was deployed.”

“Military, huh? Marine?”

“No.” Ben snorted. “Army.”

“Hmm. You look like a Marine.”

“What does that mean?” He turned on the stool, more facing Silas now, body open and exposed.

“Marines have a look about them, strong and confident, if not a bit cocky. They have a look in their eyes, a determination and a knowledge no one else understands.”

“Maybe I get it from being a cop. I’ve seen shit….”

When Ben’s voice faded off into his thoughts, Silas leaned in closer. He was in Ben’s bubble—a sacred place people rarely invaded because Ben did his best to exude an air of don’t screw with me. Silas must’ve picked up on those vibes, because he immediately backed off.

Ben was just about to open his mouth again to engage the man, when a new sound trespassed on their conversation. “Silas Cooper?” A brown-haired man stood to their right. He wore a suit, a nice suit as far as Ben could tell, and an overly produced smile. He held out his arm, shoving a hand right in front of Ben as if he didn’t exist, and said, “I’m Scott Kramer.”


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About Allison

It all started with a dream that made her heart wrench and a set of mesmerizing eyes that begged to be seen, and Allison Cassatta the writer was born. A techie by trade, the day-dreamer in her wanted to sail away from the mundane, while the hopeless romantic in her searched for the perfect love story. Many poems and short stories were written before her first attempt at a novel and once that piece of her soul spilled onto paper, there was no stopping it.

She has an eye for the visually stunning and a mind that screams to bring that beauty to life. She gives her readers something they can feel in the depth of their heart, creates worlds they can touch and characters that become your best friend or worst enemy.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, big-city life was a rat-race that kept her busy in her career. It took moving with her new husband to a sleepy Mississippi town to make her realize that dreams can come true, and did they ever. She found herself a published author. She found her perfect romance.

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