Love’s Tethered Heart by C.L. Etta

C.L. Etta - Love's Tethered Heart Cover sTitle: Love’s Tethered Heart

Author: C.L. Etta   

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel (226 Pages)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (January 2, 2017)

Heat Level: Moderate  

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Blurb: Two years ago Mico and his partner suffered a savage gay bashing that left Mico a quadriplegic—and ended his dreams of traveling the world as an archeologist. Abandoned by the man he loved, he lives in isolation, tethered to his bed by the machines keeping him alive, with only his caretakers and immediate family as companions.

Assigned to interview Mico and uncover the story behind his assault and his refusal to identify his attackers, journalist Danny is unprepared for his reaction to the fragile, yet enigmatic man. Mico is afraid to let Danny into his life, and Danny is unsure how to change his mind. Mico is also keeping secrets, and he isn’t the only one. Danny is determined to protect Mico, and he’s determined to show Mico that their feelings for each other can thrive amidst the mechanics of Mico’s existence.

If you enjoy romantic tales of heartbreak turned to hope, the life-affirming story of Danny and Mico will make you believe in the possibility of love for everyone—no matter what obstacles they face.

ISBN: 978-1-63533-223-0

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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: I haven’t really had a chance to read any stories by this author and as most of you know I am not a fan of stories by authors I haven’t read.  Now this one is on the fence with me.  The story itself is very captive and a bit sad to say the least.  I wasn’t even sure after reading the blurb if I wanted to give it a chance.  And quite frankly I am still not sure what my overall thoughts on the story are.  I haven’t read many stories where one of the characters is disabled and I hate to say it but I am not a fan of them.  

In this story one of our sexy characters is a quadriplegic after a gay bashing on him and his ex-boyfriend.  It has left him alone in more ways than one.  Now his asshat of an ex took off, he is on a breathing machine and has lost his entire life in a way.  He was an archeologist and wanted to travel; now he is stuck in his isolated world.  So he wasn’t too happy when Danny showed up to interview him.

Danny had been sent to interview Mico and find out who was behind the assault. He saw a man who had so many times given up, try to fight for what he wanted and needed.  He saw a man that needed the love of another.  He was that man for him.  Even though Mico was paralized, he didn’t see the things around him but the man himself. Although for the full impact, because let’s face it I am not telling you, you need to read the story.

When you find out who did this to Mico, you will be in shock and pissed off to say the least. It does explain why Mico never testified against them.  However I think that I would have to an extent because the fear that these men will do it to another would linger.  So I would definitely say that was one part of the story that I didn’t much care for.

Now I have to admit that I didn’t really care for the story itself.  The characters were a hit and most of the time I had tears in my eyes from hearing about what happened to Mico.  Also if I saw that asshat of an ex of his, let’s just say he wouldn’t be breathing.  This story is very unique and refreshing; however I am not really into all those sad stories.  This one gives you a happy ending but it still really doesn’t change the fact that the story just didn’t rock me like it should have. It was a very depressing story even if it has a nice ending.  I am afraid that this story was just not for me.