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Hi guys, we have C.M. Corett popping in today with her upcoming release 2 Days Later, we have a fantastic exclusive excerpt for you to enjoy, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~


2 Days Later


C.M. Corett

Nate Beckett doesn’t expect much from life, and he definitely doesn’t believe in New Year’s celebrations or resolutions. A happy New Year? Not likely. As the manager of McGee’s bar, the best he can hope for is a drama-free night. One glance at the sexy young man on the dance floor and that hope is long gone. Once again, his young neighbor Justin is back to tempt and torment him. Despite the undeniable attraction, Nate knows he’s too old and jaded for someone like him, so the time has come to reject Justin. It’s for his own good!

Justin may be young and inexperienced, but he knows what he needs. His New Year’s resolution—to tempt and win Nate over. One lame seduction attempt later, and he’s on his way home in a cab. Alone. But later that night, Justin wakes up battered and bruised on Nate’s doorstep, and Nate insists that Justin stay with him. The big, beautiful man’s protective and caring instincts are definitely kicking in.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance for a happy New Year after all!

Release date: 21st November 2016
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Exclusive Excerpt!

What was it about Justin that drove him crazy and caused his control to flee? Each time, his resolve slipped a little further. Oh, hell, I’m only human. Moving closer, he curved his body around the smaller man and pressed his hard length to the pert ass.


He leaned down until his lips teased Justin’s ear. “Damn it, Justin. You have to stop doing this.”

Justin tipped his head back until their lips almost touched. “Doing what?”

Nate growled and snaked one hand down to grip Justin’s hip, holding it still, and curved his other arm around the slim torso. “This!” He thrust his hips forward, grinding against Justin’s ass, pressing his aching cock between the rounded globes. A soft groan escaped Nate’s lips at the sweet contact. “I’ve told you to stay away. There’s nothing here for you.”

Justin’s arm slid up behind their heads, and he ran his fingers through Nate’s hair. “You’re here, and besides, it’s my New Year’s resolution.”

He sighed. “What is?”

Justin tipped his head back and stared from beneath heavy eyelids. “To tempt you.”

A ragged groan rumbled through his chest. Yes— No. He pulled back. “New Year’s resolutions are a crock. Everyone forgets their promises as soon as they wake up the next day with the mother of all hangovers, but if you’re going to make one… How about ‘I will never come to McGee’s again.’”

“Nah.” Justin pulled Nate’s head closer again, his fingernails scratching across his scalp. “I like my resolution better.”

“Wha…?” Justin’s lips brushed the corner of his mouth, sending fog through his brain. What was I…? I need to… Damn.  With his lips hovering beside Justin’s cheek, a mere breath away from those soft lips, the need to taste that sweet mouth damn near overwhelmed him.

Shifting his hips, he reveled in the drag of his cock across the taut ass. He wanted to yank those tight pants down and plunge his aching hardness into Justin’s sexy ass. He wanted to bite and suck and taste and lose himself in the urges that ravaged him whenever Justin came near, but—

Goddamn it! He wrenched away from the warm, willing body. No. He had to control himself. Justin was too young and innocent—and most likely a virgin, or as near as. After drawing in a deep breath, he grabbed Justin’s hand and plowed through the crowd toward the exit, towing Justin behind him.

The cold night air slapped his face like the wakeup call he needed. Losing control was not an option. He was a grown man, jaded by life in ways Justin could never even guess at, and he should know better than to lust after someone like Justin.

I’m no good for him.


About C.M.

CM Corett is an Australian author of M/M romance who has given up on trying to limit herself to one sub-genre. She writes contemporary, historical, sci-fi, and time travel…and she may have a few paranormal drafts hidden under the bed! An avid writer and reader of love between men, she has lived in the USA and traveled the world gathering inspiration for her stories. She loves movies, superheroes, and video games with awesome graphics. She hates housework and anyone who expects her to notice (or care about) the dust on top of the fridge.

Facebook | Twitter | Smashwords Author Page | Website | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Email: cm@cmcorett.com

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