Senses Vol 01 by Andrew Grey

andrew-grey-senses-vol-01-coverTitle: Senses Vol. 01

Series: Senses (Dreamspinner Press Bundles)

Author: Andrew Grey

Genre:  Contemporary

Length: 458 pages

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (2nd Sept 2016)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Blurb: Sometimes the heart is the most important sense. Caring for a young daughter with cancer is almost enough to make Ken Brighton give up, in Love Comes Silently, but former singer and next-door neighbor Patrick Flaherty brings hope for both of them—if he can manage to break his silence. In Love Comes in Darkness, Howard Justinian has always had to fight for his independence, in spite of his blindness, but when tragedy strikes, he may have to accept help in the form of unassuming Gordy Jarrett. In Love Comes Home, Greg Hampton’s son Davey is losing his eyesight, but Tom Spangler isn’t going to let that stop a boy from playing his favorite game.

ISBN: 978-1-63477-620-2

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Reviewer: Prime

Review: I adore Andrew Grey’s Senses series – and now we have the first three books in one totally emotional and wonderful volume. That being said, the first three books are: Love Comes Silently, Love Comes in Darkness and Love Comes Home. As the series title suggests, each book in the series deals with some sort of sense – Love Comes Silently deals with a singer who lost his voice. Love Comes in Darkness deals with a blind MC. And in Love Comes Home the son of one of the MCs is losing his sight, but father and son have a savior who wants the little boy to live a normal life despite steadily losing his vision.

For the most part these books can read as standalone installments, but there is some overlap between the characters and things that are mentioned in passing to have happened. If you love one book, you should just go full hog and read the entire series in order to get a good feel for things. Consider Volume 1 of the series as a trial to my recommendation. I will briefly talk about each book, but you must understand, I rate them all as a 5 and in each of them at one point or at multiple points Andrew Grey totally made me cry from all the overflowing emotion.

andrew-grey-01-love-comes-silently-coverLove Comes Silently: This is one of those books which is just so damn relatable and packed full of emotion. I cried multiple times through this book because Andrew Grey knows how to tug at the heart strings. Ken Brighton is an artist, a very successful one. His partner has recently left him, mostly because he couldn’t handle the fact that Ken has an adopted daughter very well. On top of all that, Ken’s daughter, Hanna is becoming sick and they find out she has cancer. The little girl fights a courageous battle but it is mysterious presents that keep up both Hanna and Ken’s spirits. At first Ken thinks they are from his ex, but that isn’t the case.

Patrick Flaherty lost his gift to sing, and therefore lost his very successful career, two years ago. He is basically a recluse except for being close to his cousin Julianne and her husband and son. He has a crush on his relatively new neighbor, Ken. And when he realizes that Hanna is sick he does what he can to cheer them up – including making mac and cheese that Hanna loves.

This is a totally sweet story that is straight from the heart. I love both Ken and Patrick, they work well together. Despite his lacking self confidence Patrick brings a very important dose of strength to Ken and Hanna.

andrew-grey-02-love-comes-in-darkness-coverLove Comes in Darkness: Howard Justinian was born blind and refuses to be coddled by anyone. He knows that he can live an independent life, but there are some controlling characters in his life, one of which is his now ex boyfriend. But luckily for Howard, he meets Gordy Jarrett when his ex leaves him stranded in the middle of the road. Gordy is a really caring and sweet soul. He fits Howard perfectly, but Howard tends to be stubborn.

Howard has to learn to let love in, but also learn that love can be about helping without controlling. This is particularly important when a life changing event means that Howard not only loses his sister, but he has been made the guardian to his niece. Sophia, for her part, also helps her Uncle Howie realize the importance of love when it comes so willingly because he is exactly what the little girl needs.

andrew-grey-03-love-comes-home-coverLove Comes Home: We return once again to a plot line which involves a sick child. This time it is Gregory Hampton’s son, Davey. The little boy loves baseball and lives for Little League, but he is having problems with his vision. The diagnosis shatters father and son because Davey is going blind.

The angel that helps this irresistible duo is Tom Spangler. Well, actually, Howard and Gordy from book 2 are more the saviors, but Tom is the major researcher and facilitator. He wants to help Davey and he wants to help Greg help Davey too. Much like Patrick and Gordy, Tom is a big guy with a big heart. It’s impossible not to love him. By the end of it we can rest assured that Greg and Davey are in safe hands.

As it is already clear: I love these books. These were probably the first Andrew Grey books that I brought a few years ago and I have not looked back. I love the new release with the first three books. I dare you not to cry in any of these books! I just spent twenty minutes trying to find the quote from an Australian TV series called Changi which sums up my feelings of these books “… They touch the spirit and pacify the angels.”