Warlock Academy by T.C. Orton

T.C. Orton - Warlock Academy CoverTitle: Warlock Academy

Series: Warlock Academy 01

Author: T.C. Orton

Genre: Gay Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal

Length: Novella (150 Pages)

Publisher: T.C. Orton (June 13, 2016)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts

Blurb: It was only a week ago that William packed his bags for Oxford when a letter appeared in front of him in a blaze of purple fire before slowly descending like a feather riding the wind. He had plans to work in politics, to make the world a better place, to put all those top grades from high school to good use but none of that mattered to him anymore. William told everyone that he was off to Harvard instead, knowing that his British parents wouldn’t make the journey to visit him, and he headed for the portal disclosed to him in the letter.

Magic was real and William had a chance to spend the next three years studying it. He couldn’t let that opportunity pass him by, even if it meant giving up on what was surely a carved out future for the overachieving eighteen-year-old.

His fingers clutched the crumpled letter in his pocket as he began to tug, fighting the tightness of his jacket to free himself so that he could see which hall he belonged to. He yanked so hard that his hand flew back, ricocheting outwards until it met the person next to him.

“Sorry!” He called out in a panic, turning to apologize so fast that his glasses flung from his face and vanished into the crowd. “Dammit!” He added in a hiss of frustration, quickly tucking his wavy brown hair back behind his ears before it sprung free.

He was hardly the most graceful eighteen-year-old to have ever existed, nor did he do well in large groups that rushed around him. William preferred the quiet life, often opting for a cup of tea as he tucked himself into a blanket with his favorite book spread across his palm. He thought that Warlock Academy would be full of intellects like himself who would rather ingest wisdom than booze.

He was wrong.


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Reviewer: Lisa

Review: T.C. Orton is a new author for me and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I don’t really care for new authors or their work because I have a certain taste in books and most of the authors that I have come across can’t hit it. However when I find an author that can, they become a regular in my library. Now this author fascinates me and intrigues me quite a bit.

The world that has been created in this story is an interesting and new world for me to unlock. Although I do have to say that the ending sucked. It also felt like I was thrown into the middle of a story at the beginning. 

William has landed himself in a pretty amazing if not magical school. He has been given the chance to learn more about magic and his powers. He sure did let everyone know he was there, even if it was by accident. It did however set the tone for the story. There are a lot of mixed characters in this that you will either love or hate. I am still trying to figure Jake out, is he evil or is he just lost. He comes off as an ass, as does Logan. However Logan seems to be there for William more than the others. Then there is Sebastian who is just a man whore that sleeps his way through it all, but then again he does have some strong powers also.

Now this story was told a bit different and the writing style was not the best, however it didn’t really take away from the story for me. You definitely did know what each character was feeling in this book. It was a new one for me, but I am not really sure if I actually enjoyed it or not. I do wish that the author had put if this was a series or not on the cover but I take it from the notes that it is the first book.

It was an entertaining tale and I look forward to seeing what other stories this author has out.