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Hi guys, we have S.J.D. Peterson popping in today with her upcoming release Override, S.J.D. brings along a teaser excerpt for us to enjoy, so check out the post and enjoy! ❤ ~Pixie~

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(An Underground Tale 01)

S.J.D. Peterson

An Underground Club Tale

Don’t judge a book by its cover….

At over six feet, with a body honed in the gym, auto worker Donavan Gregory is used to people assuming he’s a dominant top. Unfortunately, they’re wrong, and Donavan’s desire to explore his submissive side goes unfulfilled.

Smaller and older than Donavan, Dr. Seth Manning might not look like a typical Dominant, but when the two men meet at Pride, Donavan realizes Seth might be his perfect counterpart. The trouble is, Donavan doesn’t have as much experience with the BDSM world as he’d like. What could an educated, handsome, and confident man like Seth possibly see in someone like him? Seth must convince him that despite the differences on the surface, when it comes to kinky fun and discovery, they’ll fit together just fine.

Release date: 31st August 2016

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Exclusive Excerpt

The workout rushed by, and before he knew it, Donavan was back on the treadmill jogging to cool down his strained and aching muscles. Cain stayed blessedly silent until they were back in the locker room.

“I don’t know why you’re so closemouthed about you and Dr. Feelgood.”

“And I don’t know why you’re so interested,” Donavan countered.

“Because it’s been sixty-two days, four hours, and eleven minutes since I’ve had sex. I just need to know someone is getting a nut by something other than their hand.”

Donavan pulled off his sweat-drenched clothes and wrapped a towel around his waist. He grabbed his shower kit and stepped past Cain. “How about I give you a play-by-play while we’re naked. If you don’t get a boner, I promise never to question your sexuality again.” Donavan smirked.

“Dude, that’s not fair. A soft wind makes my dick hard these days.” Cain grabbed his kit and followed Donavan into the shower room. “Besides, I just need to know someone is getting laid. I don’t need all the gory details. You can just give me a general rundown of why this guy has you grinning like the Cheshire cat every time you talk about him.”

Donavan stepped beneath the flow of hot water and started scrubbing his hair. “He’s an interesting guy. Smart and funny and I enjoy his company.”

“And good in the sack?”

“Yes, Cain, and good in the sack.” Donavan grabbed his crotch for emphasis. “And with the sac.”

“Sweet! Does he have a sister?”

Jeez, Donavan had no idea. They’d talked about work and hobbies, favorite foods, and of course sex. They talked a lot about sex. But family? They’d skipped that subject, and now Cain wanted to know. “I’m not sure, but I can ask.”

“That would be cool, don’t you think? Double dating and shit.”

“Yeah, because I don’t spend enough time with you as it is,” Donavan grumbled playfully. “You really need to find a hobby.”

“I’ll have one if Seth has a sister.” Cain chuckled and shut off the taps. “C’mon, let’s hit Madden’s. I’ll buy you a beer.”

A free beer, and if there was a pool table available, Cain would be too busy talking smack to ask him any more questions about Seth. Win-win. It also sounded a whole hell of a lot better than sitting in his quiet house obsessing over Seth.

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About S.J.D.

S.J.D. Peterson author picSJD Peterson, better known as Jo, hails from Michigan. Not the best place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow. When not reading or writing, Jo can be found close to the heater checking out NHL stats and watching the Red Wings kick a little butt. Can’t cook, misses the clothes hamper nine out of ten tries, but is handy with power tools.

FACEBOOK TWITTER BLOGEMAIL her @sjdpeterson@gmail.com

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