Never Lose Your Flame by Francis Gideon

Francis Gideon - Never Lose Your Flame Cover sTitle: Never Lose Your Flame

Author: Francis Gideon

Genre: Other Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

Length: Novel (310pgs)

ISBN: 978-1-63477-541-0

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (1st August 2016)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 ½ – 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Cop-turned-bounty-hunter Gabe Dominguez is hired to capture firestarter Nat Wyatt. For a dragon-shifter like Gabe, apprehending Nat is easy, but transporting him involves more time, energy, and blood loss than he envisioned. An attack from a band of fairies, an out-of-control forest fire, and a showdown at an auction don’t faze Gabe, but Nat’s innocence might stop him entirely.

Since discovering his abilities, Nat’s lost a best friend, a boyfriend, and trust in his brother. Only his love of concerts and card games get him through life without a home. Rumors of the Judge, a giant dragon who once destroyed half of Canada avenging those he loved, provide Nat with hope of vindication. When Nat discovers his captor is the Judge, he thinks he’s finally caught a break. Through late-night conversations and a shared love of music, Nat tries to convince Gabe he’s not guilty.

Can Gabe continue his cutthroat lifestyle, or will he run away with his dragon hoard like he’s always longed to do? Can Nat escape his legacy, or will his be another spark snuffed out by people who don’t understand? The Oracle, the most powerful wizard in Canada, might be the only one who can provide answers.

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Review: Bounty Hunter Gabe is a dragon shifter, when he’s given a new bounty to hunt when he’s having a rare night to himself he’s just a touch miffed, discovering the guy he’s just picked up is his bounty makes him grind his teeth, seeing said bounty driving off on his bike has steam coming out of his ears but it’s nothing compared to the journey he’s about to take as he drags his bounty across the country.

Nat is a firestarter who just wants to get on with his life, but with yet another bounty out on his head he knows it will be near impossible to escape his brother again. Discovering his hunter is the Judge has him grasping at the slim hope of someone believing the truth, but getting Gabe to see the truth is freaking hard. During the journey to the meeting point Nat and Gabe share a love of music and Gabe begins to accept that not everything he has been told about Nat is the truth, but can he let go of his duty as a bounty hunter to try and help Nat.

This is a great urban fantasy story that has a paranormal world that is like nothing we are used to. Gabe shut himself off from the world after that death of his lover, turning to bounty hunting to survive he’s earned the name of the Judge but when he’s sent to pick up Nat it has him questioning what he is doing and what he truly wants. Nat is stuck; his brother wants him for his firestarting powers and just won’t let him go, he tries to keep under the radar but with his brother setting him up for arson and murder he just can’t keep moving fast enough.

When these two men meet it truly is a moment of sparks flying between them, their attraction to each other is instant but they end up at odds when Gabe takes a bounty that Nat has on his head. This really is a fantastic story that has many moments of near misses and digging for the truth. The paranormal aspects are brilliant with the world being a place where paranormals are accepted with laws in place to govern them.

The actually storyline is fascinating as we are dragged deeper into Gabe and Nat’s world, startling revelations become clear with Gabe left feeling betrayed. We meet several characters who add a great deal to the storyline and make this story just a little bit more special, but Nat and Gabe are the stars of this show, especially when they face down the Oracle!

I recommend this to those who love real world paranormals, fantastic urban fantasy stories, accepting the truth an doing the right thing and a love that blooms during the harshest of times.

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