The Vampire’s Angel by Edward Kendrick

TheVampiresAngel_100dpi_cvrTitle: The Vampires Angel
Series: Immortal Angst 02
Author: Edward Kendrick
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (107 pages)
Publisher: Wilde City Press (January 14th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Blurb: When a handsome man calls him an angel, Joel is unaware Vasile is a vampire. That is until Vasile must harbor Joel and his family to protect them from an enemy intent in taking over Vasile’s territory. As the attraction grows between Joel and Vasile grows, Vasile fights it, certain it can only end in misery for both of them.

Meanwhile they must survive not only Vasile’s enemy but the hatred Vasile’s lieutenant, François, feels for Joel. When Joel discovers the predator lurking inside every vampire, Vasile included, can he handle that, or will it drive him away from Vasile forever?

ISBN: 978-1-925180-91-6

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Joel is unaware of the extent of his Mothers abilities until he meets a handsome man who proves Vampires exist and his family is in danger. He finds himself in a lovely mansion with the sexy vampire and also the vampires jealous ex-lover can he trust the vampires with his families lives and more so his heart?

This was a good vampire story. There is a bit of violence, some intrigue and a lot of romance. The story focuses mainly on the romance between Vasile and Joel and the Vampire stuff and drama is the catalysts.

I really enjoyed the story. For me it was the perfect combination. Just enough violence and powers that the Vampires didn’t sparkle but not so much it was gruesome or gory. The romance was sweet with some low heat.

If you like romance, Paranormal romance, vampires and some moderately hot man-love this is for you.

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