Art Theft 101 by Edward Kendrick

25438573Title: Art Theft 101
Series: NA
Author: Edward Kendrick
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Length: Novel (159 pages)
Publisher: JMS Books LLC (May 17th 2015)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥ 3 Hearts
Blurb: Vampire Philip Archer and his team of successful art thieves — Black Panther shifter Duff, ghost Rob, and Duff’s human girlfriend Liddy — are asked by the handsome Ian Croft, a potential client, to break with tradition and rescue a kidnapped child. When the caper turns out rather differently than expected, Philip is bitterly reminded why he has remained single for so long.

Yet, surrounded as he is by loving friends, he is not desperate. This is why, when he meets the newly-made vampire Ephram, he suppresses his attraction and focuses on being a mentor to the Fledgling.
Ephram was turned by Virgil Ionescu, an ancient vampire known for casting off his Children before they are ready. Living off the streets, Ephram’s future is precarious until he meets Philip. Ephram is immediately attracted to Philip and only too happy to be taken under his wing and taught the skills of surviving in modern New Orleans.
But Philip keeps secrets. Ephram can sense it, but he can’t penetrate the thousand-year-old Philip’s reserve. What will Ephram do when he discovers the big secret his new group of friends is keeping from him? Will his love for Philip trump all, or will he betray them? And, to complicate matters, Ionescu arrives unexpectedly in town, coming to check on his Child.

ISBN: 9781611527797

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Reviewer: Cat

Review: Stealing art can be an easy job if you have special powers. It’s even easier of each of your partners has these skills as well. Bring in Phillip Archer a vampire, Rob a ghost, Duff a shifter and Liddy, Duff’s human girlfriend and getaway driver. You have a merry band of misfit or should I say people with some awesome superpowers.

The story had good premise and the characters were very well-developed and intriguing. The plot was a bit lacking for me since it seems to have several small stories that weren’t really connected and a few scenes that led nothing to the story. I will say the interaction between these friends and the character development were enough for me to enjoy the story. I loved the addition of Ephram to round out the team and give a romantic interest to Phillip.

The sex is mild, but good. You get one or two basic sex scenes, then the rest is hinted out or off the page. So if you’re looking for a very steamy story this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a fun, vampire/shifter story that is unique, a little suspense, and good character interaction this is definitely for you.

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