Beyond Clockwork by Jennifer Cierra

18597144*Spoiler Alert*

Title: Beyond Clockwork
Series: N/A
Author: Jennifer Cierra
Length: Novella (71 pages)
Publisher: JMS (October 8th, 2013)
Heat Level: None
Heart Rating: 3 Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa
Blurb: Pinocchio never had to deal with rusty gears. He probably never had to deal with broken hearts, either.

In the city of the Young Queens, magic abounds alongside mechanics. Terrin Shore, the Clockmaker of the southern slums, likes to consider himself a master craftsman, but he can’t deny that his dolls are endowed with a certain veracity. He stopped making wind-up toys years ago, yet his dolls still move, speaking and interacting with such grace and humanity that he is tempted to forget they’re false. He makes a living from his skills, selling dolls to aristocrats and nobles with gold to spare.

Ian is Terrin’s most lifelike doll. Crafted in such detail that he can pass for human at a casual glance, he was made in the image of Terrin’s closest friend, master thief Christiansen Townsend. Ian, however, is not Christiansen. He has a personality and attitude of his own, along with a rebellious streak. Despite his artificiality, he is head over heels in love with Terrin. Still, he knows how unlikely it is a doll-maker will fall in love with a doll.

When Christiansen is injured while fleeing from the city’s peacekeeping officers, Ian has a choice to make. Does he stand back and let Christiansen be submitted to the Young Queens’ justice, where the thief will likely be executed? Or will he sacrifice himself for Terrin’s and Christiansen’s happily ever after? And is that even what Terrin really wants?

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Review: Well this is one very strange book, but I kind of liked it. Funny to think that fairy tales of one can be fairy tales to another. It is about a toy maker and his toys. One in particular, Ian, is the most lifelike doll he had ever made, one that resembled a man Terrin had thought he truly loved. Terrin had realized that he didn’t love

Christiansen but that he loved Ian. However, he made Ian to have his own mind and feelings. What he hadn’t realized was that Ian wanted him. When the dangers from the Queens, wanting Christiansen dead, Ian realized that to give Terrin, what he thought he wanted, he would give up his life so that Christiansen could live. Terrin didn’t tell Ian that it was him who he wanted. Saving Ian, destroying the Queens, was the only way to he had to go.

Like I said, it was different, but worth checking out.

L.A. Masquerade by G.A. Hauser

11661603Title: L.A. Masquerade
Series: Action, #10.5
Author: G.A. Hauser
Length: Novella (25 Pages)
Publisher: The GA Hauser Collection, LLC. (June 8th, 2011)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa
Blurb: A costume party in July? For the men of Hauser’s Erotic Universe, anything goes. Please enjoy this refreshing sexual romp with characters you have grown to love and enjoy from G.A. Hauser’s Action! Series. See if you can guess who is who behind the masks.

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Review: Talk about steaming hot.

They all wear mask, but their partners of course know who they are. You have Stud and Blaze, Pretty-Man and Top Dog, Been-Rescued and Rescue-Me, Hoser and Leave-em, Five-Oh and Fuzz, Born-to-Rule and Sub-verted, Hot-Lips and Z…What a party, with sexy men. Add in one waiter and a man with a camera and what do you have…trouble.

So who is behind the mask? Pretty good book even if it is too short. It is a very good short action story.

Husband Hunters by Rick R. Reed

HusbandHuntersLGTitle: Husband Hunters
Series: N/A
Author: Rick R. Reed
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel (208 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 01, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 1/2Hearts
Blurb: You never know where the love of your life might turn up.

When Matt Connelly suggests to his best buddy Cody Mook that they head to downtown Seattle to audition for the gay reality TV show Husband Hunters, both agree the experience might be a lark and a chance to grab their fifteen minutes of fame. What they don’t know is that the show, modeled after HGTV’s House Hunters, will open doors of longing neither expected. For Matt, the secret love he has long harbored for Cody might be thrust into the spotlight. Cody might realize his search for his perfect-forever-man extends no farther than the man who’s always been at his side.

Husband Hunters promises laughter, tears, and, just maybe, a happy ever after. Will Cody and Matt’s story be one of best-friends-to-lovers—or an outright disaster?

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ISBN: 978-1-63216-234-2

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Matt Connelly and Cody Mook are best friends. One day Matt suggests that they try out for the show, Husband Hunters. Cody is reluctant to do so but with Matt’s encouragement, he caves and agrees to tryout.
Matt has been in love with Cody for a long time but is terrified to tell him for fear of losing Cody all together. He would rather have him as a friend than not have him in his life at all.

I have personally never liked dating game shows, as I don’t think it’s possible to truly get to know each other in a short amount of time to think this is the one and marry them. But I understood the need for Matt’s feelings to finally to come out so he could move on and find someone else or be with Cody.

A story of one man having feelings for his best friend and his best friend not knowing. It was heartbreaking to see how Matt was affected every time Cody went and talked to him about his one-night stands.

Beautiful descriptions of the mountain scenery. Matt and Cody seemed to feel for each other a lot more than what they were saying especially Cody. But as with most things you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. This was what happened to Cody.

Well written with drama all throughout. Great read.

Secrets by Jeff Erno

SecretsLGTitle: Secrets
Series: Full Nelson, #1
Author: Jeff Erno
Genre: Mystery/ Suspense
Length: Novel (190 pages)
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 03, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts
Blurb: Detective Chris Nelson and his husband Ethan are about to go on a weekend getaway to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Instead, a case comes in for Chris. The brutally murdered body of a swim coach at the local military academy was found in the pool. Seventeen-year-old cadet Alex has already confessed. It looks like an open and shut case.

However, when Chris interviews Alex and reviews the forensics, he becomes convinced Alex is innocent. Searching for the truth behind the actual murderer and why Alex would take the fall, Chris follows a trail through a series of students. He discovers they all experienced sexual abuse at the hands of the murdered swim coach. Digging deep, Chris finds further links between the school administration and the district attorney’s office covering up the allegations. When he finally solves the case, it will blow the conspiracy wide open.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-63216-172-7

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Detective Chris Nelson is given a murder case to look into on the weekend of his anniversary with Ethan. After reviewing the files, he realizes that a lot of things don’t make sense so he proceeds to investigate it to get to the truth and to prove that the accused, Alex, is innocent.

Alex is a senior at a prestigious military school who admits to killing the swim coach. But further evidence shows that he didn’t do it and that something sinister is going on at the school.

Well written, intense, nonstop action into a supposed open and shut case. With twists and turns, I never saw coming. Just when you think, you’ve figured things out something else turns up to make you rethink your assumption. Loved the dedication the detective showed to finding out the truth. Then when you think it’s the end something else happens.

Absolutely amazing mystery story. I was on the edge of my seat while reading this, as I didn’t want to stop until the very end. Heartbreaking details of abused trust. Cover ups by the school, deceit by people who should’ve been protecting the students.

All in all, it was a great read.

Blue Moon: Too Good To Be True by A.E. Via

61AlH6ZPqHL._SL1000_Title: Blue Moon: Too Good To Be True

Series: Blue Moon, #1

Author: A.E. Via

Genre: Contemporary, BDSM, Suspense

Length: Novel (251 pages)

Publisher: A.E. Via

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4 1/2 Hearts

Reviewer: Tootsie & Cat

Blurb: Angel DeLucca is one of the most sought after gay bachelors in Virginia Beach. He’s smart successful, lethal, and more than anything he’s drop dead gorgeous. Angel has his pick of the men that come to his popular Oceanfront nightclub, but lately the one night stands haven’t been enough…Angel craves something deeper. When a one-night hook-up goes terribly wrong, Angel comes into contact with the breathtaking Maximus (Max) Strong.

Max is a firefighter for the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Max is beautiful, charming, and also very straight. One meeting with the mysteriously, sexy Angel DeLucca and a whiff of that silky, jet black hair, Max finds himself questioning everything he’s known to be true about himself. Max tries desperately to understand the new feelings he has for another man and turns to his gay, older brother…Ryker.

Ryker has always been Max’s protector and his guide their entire lives, which has left him feeling uncared for and alone to handle his own life’s problems. Ryker craves to be taken care of. He craves the attention and praise of a Master. No one knows the dark desires within him until Angel’s Chief of Security, Sebastian ‘Bass’ Bagatelli, shatters that secret with their first intense encounter.

How will Angel win the heart of the straight firefighter that was tailor-made just for him? Will Max be able to continue denying his feelings for another man? Can Ryker and Bass get through their personal issues to take and receive what they both need from each other? Or will they each give up on a happiness that appears too good to be true?

These men’s stories will unravel in a whirlwind of romance, BDSM, revelations, lots of action and very hot sex, co-starring very entertaining supporting characters.

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Tootsie’s Review♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

The one consistent thing that keeps coming to mind is OH MY GOSH! This book has everything I could possibly want in a story. It is sectioned into three parts allowing you to meet each set of characters and focus on the situation at present. This set-up was new to me. However, it made the storyline flow smoothly from one to the next.

The first part was about Max, the gorgeous firefighter, and Angel, the club owner. They meet when the club has trouble and the fire department is called in. One look at each other from across the room causes sparks to fly. These two men are beautiful with their muscled bodies, six-packs, and tanned skin. They each have tattoos that represent something special in their life. Angel has hair down to his waist that he usually keeps braided, but it is thick and shiny and does something to Max when left down. Both, Angel and Max, want to find true love. They both are looking for happy ever after with a forever partner.

They find out quickly they both want the same things and it’s easy to see they are a perfect match. Their relationship takes off fast and I would consider it insta-love. So, if that is not your thing you have been warned, but I like this scenario in a story. They are very sincere and so passionate with each other.

Right from the beginning, Angel referred to Max as “his man,” and I fell in love with Angel myself. I really enjoy when an author shows the characters have passion and feelings and they are not afraid to express it. The reader is taken on a powerful journey where you really feel, at times, like an intruder. Their sex scenes and lovemaking are extremely hot and intense. The author is very good at putting you right there, in the scene, giving you a front row seat. You can see and feel what the characters are experiencing.

At times, I felt almost panicky, probably from holding my breath, as their sex scenes played out. They are so honest and open with their feelings for each other and even though it moved quickly, it didn’t take away from the story. I particularly enjoy a plot that allows the MC’s to own their feelings.

I’ve been known to get bored with a story that drags you along until close to the end for a resolution. I don’t like when the characters spend half the book in denial or running scared from each other. That is not the case here. They were beautiful together and I really enjoyed it.

The next section is about Max’s brother, Ryker, and his partner that he has a connection too. Sebastian/Bass works for Angel as his head security. So when Ryker comes to visit Max, he is also introduced to Bass. There is some BDSM in this section but it is very minor. It’s not really the focus of the story even though it is the focus of how their relationship will be. Bass is a Master Dom and Ryker has craved that type of connection and lifestyle for as long as he can remember. Bass has wanted a sub, someone who he could claim as his own, love forever, take care of and honour their relationship. They are perfect for each other, as they both want the same things.

The third part brings them all together living their lives and doing everyday things. This part has some angst and drama but it’s handled and resolved fairly quickly. Angel’s father is called in to help sort out the trouble, and he brings along his seal team for support and help.

A.E. Via has written a beautiful story, hitting on many details that I like to read. For me, it had every possible element I could want. It has humour and laughter. Tears of pain and tears of joy. We have beautiful people inside and out. There are fireman and navy seals. I mean, good grief, what else is better than that combination?

This is the first book the author has published, but since has added many more to her catalogue. IMO, being the first one, I think she done a wonderful job. There are a couple pretty amazing things that happen in the end that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

I recommend this to anyone who loves passion, great sex, laughter and every day, real life characters that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

Cat’s Review: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Angel DeLucca is a hot, sexy successful bar owner.  He is tired of one offs and hook-ups. He wants to meet his one and only. A disgruntled hook-up pulls the fire alarm as he is being escorted out on a busy holiday night.   The moment the hot firefighter walks in Angel knows he is the one. The trouble is Max is straight.

Max is ready to settle down and find his soul mate. He is tired of failed relationships and can’t figure out why he isn’t happy with any women he has been with. Then by chance he meets Angel and his entire world is changed with a false alarm.

This is a really good story with some awesome characters. A.E Via can really do hot, sexy, intriguing men well.  In this book, we sort of have a collage of stories. The first part of the book we meet Angel and Max. This section is basically their meeting and getting together and I warn you it’s hot, sexy and sensual.

Then we get a bonus in part two with Max’s bother Ryder and Angel’s head of security and best friend Sebastian. Bass is a master Dom but he too is tired of looking for the perfect sub. After having his heart broken and the sub he that was his cheat he has remained celibate and out of the clubs until he finds his perfect sub.

In walks Ryder with Max, and Bass knows Ryder is his. But, does Ryder, tough take charge protector of max, know he is a sub?

As if all this isn’t enough in part three we get all of these relationships wrapped up in an explosive plot twist.

I will say for me the book started of slow and I was a bit unsure of all these love at first sight romances going on.  But I loved the characters and the interaction and struggle of them trying to work through their issues.  I would have liked a bit more of the bdsm scenes with Ryker and Bass. I thought they were smokin hot together. I loved the plot action and Angels Dad and crew. I would have loved to have seen this earlier in the book with a little more action. There were so many great men introduced near the end I am excited to see whose story is next! I can’t wait.

If you like sexy bar owners, firefighters, Dom/Sub relationships, secret agents and a twist. Oh don’t forget some sizzling hot man-sex! Someone bring out the hot firefighter!

Wicked Winds by Havan Fellows

91VsJ1EgveL._SL1500_Title: Wicked Winds

Series: Elemental Connections, #3

Author: Havan Fellows

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: Novella (84 pages)

Publisher: Appleton Publishing Avenue (Aug 06, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts (can I have more?)

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Wick Templeton and Ned Harris have grown quite comfortable in the life they’ve built together. So comfortable—in fact—that when Ned decided to go cross-country to check on an old friend of his, Wick can’t bear to be apart from him and tags along.

Yeah, that’s the story Wick gives. In reality, Wick doesn’t share and he just wants to make sure this old friend understands that.

Three days to spend not jealously watching over his lover’s every move—at a campground in Flagstaff, Arizona, no less. How much trouble could Wick possibly find?

Purchase Link: All Romance eBooks

Review: Can I have more hearts please? I LOOOOOVVVVVVED this book.

This is the third bonus book in the Pulp Friction 2014 collection. In case you don’t know what the pulp Friction Collection is, it is four authors that each has a series that sort of blends with the others. Each series is set in Mountain Shadows campgrounds in Flagstaff. Each series can be read alone, but works better if you read the entire collection in order for full impact. Each Author has included a bonus book this year also.

Haven’s Bonus brings us more Wick. In case you haven’t read any of last year’s Pulp Friction, you should read Wicked Ways. I absolutely loved this book, but I may be biased since I adored Wick so much.
Ned is going to Mountain shadows to check on a friend. Wick is tagging along on the pretext of watching Ned’s back but in a way he may be a bit jealous since Ned isn’t divulging anything. Al he is saying is that when Banyu checked on the Cannon situation for Chance he noticed a friend was there he needed to see about.

This story is full of action, and some hot sex, from the trip to Mountain shadows, to the very end. I love how it is almost like watching a movie the descriptions are so good.

If you like sarcastic, full of them self, sexy and dangerous men, burn the page man-sex, drama, suspense, and super-secret agents this book is for you.

* I received a copy of this book free-of-charge from Mmgoodbookreviews in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own*

The River Leith by Leta Blake

61rfAcuv5iL._SL1101_Title:  The River Leith

Author:  Leta Blake

Genre:  Contemporary

Length:  Novel (215 pages)

Publisher:  Leta Blake (May 14th, 2014)

Heat Level:  Moderate

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5 Hearts

Blurb:  Memory is everything.

After an injury in the ring, amateur boxer Leith Wenz wakes to discover his most recent memories are three years out of date. Unmoored and struggling to face his new reality, Leith must cope anew with painful revelations about his family. His brother is there to support him, but it’s the unfamiliar face of Zach, a man introduced as his best friend, that provides the calm he craves. Until Zach’s presence begins to stir up feelings Leith can’t explain.

For Zach, being forgotten by his lover is excruciating. He carefully hides the truth from Leith to protect them both from additional pain. His bottled-up turmoil finds release through vlogging, where he confesses his fears and grief to the faceless Internet. But after Leith begins to open up to him, Zach’s choices may come back to haunt him.

Ultimately, Leith must ask his heart the questions memory can no longer answer.

Product Link:

Reviewer: Tams

Review: This book reminds me of one of my favorite piano accompaniments, A River Flows in You. A river is a body of water that is constantly in motion, grounded to the earth by something encasing it, encouraging and allowing the flow to continue. Leith is very much the river, and Zach is what surrounds him, protects him, and allows him to flow. Without each other, neither would be complete.

Leith Wentz wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of the past three years. Three years ago, Leith was in prison for a fight gone badly, his father was still alive, and he hadn’t yet met the love of his life. All of those precious memories were wiped out with one blow to the back of the head. Leith’s recovery is long and painful. He’s angry and lashes out at everyone and everything, and who is the man named Zach that visit’s him? His brother says they are best friends but Leith just can’t remember. But his soul can. From that first look into Zach’s frightened eyes, Leith is drawn to him, inexplicably, and he has no idea why. The more time they spend together, the stronger the pull becomes. And when Zach isn’t there he misses him, and it only confuses him more. Something is going on, Leith’s family and friends are keeping secrets, and it’s only making him madder.

Zach is broken and spent. The man of his dreams, the man he’s spent the last three years loving, fighting with, growing closer than possible to doesn’t remember him. The man, in fact, assures his doctor that he is straight. Can you imagine? In the blink of an eye, your entire life, everything you’ve lived for and loved is wiped away with the ease of an eraser on a chalkboard, leaving behind only dust and a musty smell. Zach’s only solace is his job at the bar he co-owns with Arthur, Leith’s brother, his lesbian roommates and his online vlog. Zach can’t tell his best friend and lover about his pain and misery because that person doesn’t remember him, so he pours his heart out to his online followers.

In the aftermath, Leith is welcomed back into a life that is anything but a distant memory. He has to acclimate into situations that are above his comprehension, and learn to love a man he can’t remember, but deep down in his soul, he knows he belongs with Zach. And Zach will have to learn to stop comparing this Leith to the Leith before the accident. That Leith basically died, because this one not only can’t remember, but also refuses to continue to be compared to that shell. If these two obvious soul mates are going to find their second happy ever after, they are going to have to love each other in the now, start a new life, and make new memories.

Do you remember that movie The Vow, with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams? This is the gay version! I am a huge fan of soul mates whether it is in books or movies, and Leith and Zach are definitely soul mates. It was both painful and beautiful to watch both men dredge through the pain and turmoil of getting past Leith’s accident and moving forward together, overcoming every obstacle that was thrown into their path. Blake did an excellent job of making sure the reader was right there with both men as they dealt with the pain and love every damn day. We were there inside Leith’s mind as he would analyze, verbalize, and sometimes act out in his mind with the utter helplessness he felt at not being able to remember. And Zach’s vlog posts kept us inside his mind as he dealt with the same issues, just in a different way. I highly recommend this book, especially to those hopeless romantics out there that love an epic love story that transcends the mind and digs down deep into your soul.

Webs by M. Raiya

7132P5abq+L._SL1400_Title: Webs
Series: N/A
Author: M. Raiya

Genre:  BDSM/Sci-Fi
Length: Novella (58 pages)
Publisher: Changeling Press (September 20th, 2013)
Heat Level: Low to Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa
Blurb: He wakes nameless, without memory, and in chains. He expects death. Instead, he falls in love. Not once, but twice. The passion that binds the three men will not only change their lives, but also change the whole galaxy. That is, if they escape the webs they’re caught in.

Product Link:
Review: Jared awoke without memories of who he was or where he was, but his captor looked like a golden sight. Scared but also turned on from the things the captor did, Jared was led to a temple, chained to another prisoner, who had no memories. Their captor, who had no name, told them that the only way to fly their ship was with the essence of human’s.

The essence was in fact from orgasm’s that the humans have with each other. However this captor had ulterior motives, he wanted freedom. He knew that with the help of Admiral Jared and Commander Lore his people would be stopped. He knew that his death was coming, but what he didn’t know was Lore remembered everything after they were freed, and with his help, Jared would remember everything about the ship they were on also. He would remember what it felt like with Lore and their captor.

This book would have been really good if it had more details and a better story line to it. It needed to be a longer book or at least lead into a series. If it were turned into a series, then I would love to read it.

Dakota Skies by Taylin Clavelli Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Taylin Clavelli - Dakota Skies FB Cover
Hey guys we have Taylin Clavelli visiting with her blog tour for Dakota Skies, she brings along a tasty excerpt and a fantastic giveaway! We have added Cat’s review (wipes Cat’s drool off) so enjoy the post and then click that Rafflecopter link ❤ ~Pixie~
Taylin Clavelli - Dakota Skies Picture1

Dakota Skies


Taylin Clavelli

Born in the wrong time…

In 1875 Dakota, Sheriff Jamie Carter has to hide his interest in men, even from his gutsy twin sister, Anna. On a good day, the truth can mean a bullet between the eyes, and on a bad, one in the back.

A man on a mission…

Jamie leaves Anna in charge of Blackrock and he hits the bounty-hunting trail, along with his faithful equine companion, Houston. Five territories, scores of ‘Wanted’ posters, and many bullets later, his path unexpectedly converges with that of enigmatic loner, Kit Brooks.

Two men with one soul…

Will the smoldering fire between them rage into an inferno and break down protective barriers, allowing them to find love? Or will it separate and kill them?

Beneath Dakota skies…

Jamie and Kit’s story is a sweeping saga of cowboys, Indians, persistent broads, and vengeful villains, where the cowboys aren’t always the good guys, and love can’t be taken for granted.

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