The Boy Who Came In From the Cold by B.G. Thomas ~ Audiobook

BoyWhoCameInFromTheCold[The]AudLGTitle: The Boy Who Came in From the Cold
Author: BG Thomas
Narrator: Charlie David
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 7 hours and 57 minutes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (04-09-14)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Todd Burton has had enough of small-town Buckman. His abusive stepfather calls him a fag; his friend Austin makes him realize he may be gay, but Todd doesn’t want to admit his stepfather is right; and he dreams of being a chef. Three good reasons to flee his hometown and pursue greener pastures. But when Todd reaches the big city, his luck runs dry. Soon he can’t pay his rent and gets evicted. In the middle of a snowstorm.

Gabe Richards is a wealthy businessman with enough wounds of his own to make him afraid of ever being intimate again. But when he sees Todd outside his building, freezing to death, he takes pity on him and takes him in from the cold.

To their mutual surprise, Todd and Gabe find themselves drawn to each other. “One night” turns into a week. Maybe letting a man in from the cold can melt the ice around Gabe’s heart—and maybe getting evicted will turn Todd’s luck around.

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Todd Burton is jobless, broke and now homeless in the middle of freezing blizzard. Not the greatest combination. Little does he know that the man who lets him come inside the foyer of his apartment building is about to change his life, irrevocably. Gabe Richards is always paying it forward, so much so that he’s had his heart demolished in the past because he is so kind. But he can’t resist wanting to help the scared, frozen young man he finds outside his building.

When Gabe offers him a meal and a place to sleep for the night that is safe and warm, Todd immediately gets the wrong idea and not only insults Gabe, but hurt’s his feelings. None the less, when Todd realizes he has nowhere else to go, but out in the cold, he decides to take Gabe up on his offer.

Todd spent the better part of his life ignoring his sexuality. There have always been hints, little clues, like the heated make out session with his best friend Austin, the men’s fitness magazines he horded as a teenager, oh and the underwear model ads, all male models. But a verbally, mentally and sometimes physical abusive homophobic stepfather made him deny née and every inclination he had toward the same-sex.

But now that Todd is staying with Gabe, he’s finding it hard to ignore the attraction to him. There is also a familiarity and a trust with Gabe that Todd has never experienced with another human being.

Gabe was rescued himself by his boss, mentor and friend Peter when he wasn’t much older than Todd is now. It made his very aware of just how precious life is and how some people just need a helping hand sometimes. Gabe also wears his heart on his sleeve, which some people will take advantage of, which is how he got his heart broken by a young man he helped once a few years ago.

Though Gabe still does anything and everything he can to help someone who is down and out on their luck, he’s safeguarded his heart. Fear of being taken advantage of and hurt again make him deny his increasingly growing feelings for Todd.

Love at first sight and all that are at the core of this story, that and coming to terms with who you are and how you want to live your life. Todd will have to set aside all the ingrained hatred that is stuck on repeat in his brain and Gabe will have to open himself up for possible heartbreak again, if they are going to stand a chance at any kind of happy ever after.

I was hooked on this story from the first words uttered by Charlie David. The scenario of a young man who is battling his own mindset in order to be who he really is was seriously fascinating. Thomas did a great job of writing the inner turmoil that Todd goes through with his stepfather’s barrage of insults constantly repeating themselves inside his confused mind.

It’s not until he finds a way to turn that off that he finally opens himself up to Gabe. The narration was splendid, with David giving that southern twang to Todd’s accent while Gabe had the more mature and commanding tones to his voice. But my personal favorite voice would have to have been Peter, Gabe boss and friend. David really captured the maturity and British nuances to Peter’s proud voice.

If you are a fan of coming of age and being true to yourself stores with a sexy edge, Charlie David narrating and just overall a fun, romantic read then you really should give this one a go. I recommend it!

* I received a copy of this audio book from Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review through *

Broken Wing by Alex Jones

71xWCScUNqL._SL1300_Title: Broken Wings
Author: Alex Jones
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella (72 pages)
Publisher: Rebel Ink Press (August 12th 2013)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 3.5 Hearts
Reviewer: Tams
Blurb: Fear. It was the twitch in his subconscious, like a word stuck in his throat he could never quite say.

Adrian’s life is simple: go to work, come home, look no one in the eye. If you don’t take risks, you won’t die. That’s what life has taught him, and in the urban sprawl of the industrial Oregon coast, it’s kept him alive. He hasn’t had a panic attack in months.

Then one night, a winged man named Cassius makes a crash landing on his doorstep. Out of fear of the government, Adrian hides him. But Cassius is more than he seems and when the winged shifter’s haunted past comes knocking. Adrian learns the true meaning of fear. He must find the courage to face the darkness or risk losing the man he has grown to love.

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Review: Broken Wings is a short about two strangers with completely different personalities that are thrown together due to circumstance, and end up falling in love.

Adrian doesn’t take risks. He lives his boringly mundane life on repeat, completely terrified to deviate at all. Fear, panic and anxiety rule is life; until Cassius comes crashing into it. Cassius is a bird shifter hiding from another shifter who wants to kill him. Adrian takes his first risk by hiding Cassius, his second risk is opening up and letting Cassius into his life.

The two begin their own routine and slowly wrap themselves into each other’s lives. Cassius grows more attached and attracted to Adrian with each passing day. When Adrian finally lets Cassius know that the attraction is mutual, Cassius will do everything he can to make him feel loved and safe. But soon Cassius’s past catches up with them and Adrian will have to take a risk to protect the man he’s grown to love.

If you’re looking for something short with a decent storyline and solid characters, give Broken Wings strong consideration. Some hot bird man/man sex that involves wings and levitation only sweeten the plot!

Poetry in Motion by Scarlet Blackwell

91aVN9W07tL._SL1500_Title: Poetry in Motion, 2nd edition

Author: Scarlet Blackwell

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novella (64 pages)

ISBN: 9781784301484

Publisher: Totally Bound (August 21st, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Paul shouldn’t be playing with younger men, but Adam is irresistible…

Travelling salesman Paul is in the historic English town of Lincoln for one night only. Approaching forty and feeling sorry for himself over the lack of a special man in his life, he is looking to pick up a spicy little something to take back to his hotel.

In a bar, he’s hit on by twenty-year-old poetry-obsessed student, Adam. The age gap is too great, and Adam is too young and naïve for Paul. They have nothing in common and it shouldn’t work. Paul should know better than to chase a younger man but after a night of wild sex, Adam is too keen, and Paul has limited willpower…

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

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Review: Paul is on a business trip when he meets a younger man Adam. Paul hasn’t much opportunity for sex but he isn’t so sure he wants to do it with such a younger man. He can’t seem to get his mind off Adam and Adam seems sure to let Paul be his first. However, after their very fun night Paul can’t get Adam out of his mind.

I really loved this book. I found the style very moving and beautiful. I thought it read like an older poetic story. I did like both characters; however, I found Paul’s actions a bit on the stalker side. Having said that, it did lead an eerie, though beautiful concept that Paul was very determined in his conquest.

If you like poetry, older men-younger men, sexy first time sex, and a beautifully told romance this is definitely for you.

Yin and Yang by Edward Kendrick (2nd Edition)

91T9c3+YtfL._SL1500_Title: Yin and Yang, 2nd edition

Series: Yin and Yang, #1

Author: Edward Kendrick

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Length: Novel (142 pages)

ISBN: 9781784301361

Publisher: Totally Bound (August 8th 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat & Pixie

Blurb: Two men—Kenyon a street cop, and Teo a social worker—come together as they try to help a seven-year-old boy abandoned by his mother.

Neal, a young boy abandoned on the streets by his mother, is found by policeman Kenyon Hagerty and instantly bonds with him. Social worker Teo Marino becomes involved when the boy is placed in the care of Human Services. Soon after, the body of Neal’s murdered mother is discovered then later Neal’s father tries to kidnap him from the kids’ home.

Kenyon is a man looking for real love, while Teo is the consummate playboy, going from one man to another as the spirit moves him. And yet these two men, truly yin and yang, are drawn together. It takes a misunderstanding to force them to face their feelings for each other.
When Neal runs away looking for Kenyon—who he believes will adopt him—the two men must make a decision regarding Neal’s life—and their own.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound Publishing.

Purchase Link:

Cat’s Review: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts:

Kenyon is a cop and Teo is a social worker. They meet when Kenyon and his partner Pat stumble upon a homeless 7-year-old boy. Kenyon is very drawn to both the boy and Teo. He soon finds out that Teo is a player and Kenyon is looking for something real.

I really liked this book, but I am a big Edward Kendrick fan. This book is full of charming interesting characters. The storyline is intriguing with some mystery and a bit of drama. The sexual tension between Teo and Kenyon was hot. There was a bit of hint at something paranormal in here that in my opinion was a bit much. In my opinion, the mystery of Neal and the romance between Kenyon and Teo was enough.

If you love a little mystery and suspense, hot cops, sexy social workers, adorable kids and a sexy romance with a happy ending this is for you.

Pixie’s Review: ♥♥♥♥ 3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Kenyon discovers Neal, a young boy, on the streets. Neal tells the tale that his mom has been taken and they were on the run from his father. Kenyon has to hand the sweet little boy over to Human Services and the caring hands of Teo. Kenyon and Teo are drawn together although they are opposites when it comes to relationships and they somehow make it work. Neal has dreams of his own which include both Teo and Kenyon, now both Kenyon and Teo have decisions to make.

This is a very sweet story that has a bit of danger, a touch of angst, but a lot of hope and joy. Kenyon has an instant connection to Neal when he meets the little boy in a stinking alley where Neal is hiding, waiting for his mom. It isn’t long before the story is told and Neal is taken in by Human Services as the police hunt for his mother. Sadly, she is found murdered and Neal’s father is now hunting for him. Kenyon and Teo are unsure if a relationship between them will work, but decide to give it a go. After a slight misunderstanding they take the plunge, but it isn’t long before they have to make a new decision about their lives.

I enjoyed this story and really liked how it progressed. Kenyon and Teo are two very different men; with Kenyon wanting someone to settle down with, while Teo has been like a butterfly flitting from man to man. The connection between the two men seems strong and recovers well after a slight blip. The sex between them is hot, but their connection goes far beyond the physical. Neal is a very sweet young boy who has a slight physic ability which makes the story much more interesting, although the appearance of Neal’s father is expected it was far different than I had thought it would be.

I loved how Edward Kendrick gave us an ending many years into the future, it was wonderful to see Kenyon and Teo’s relationship and their relationship with Neal during pivotal moments of their lives and to see how they had all grown together into a true family.

I recommend this to those who love how opposites attract, sexy men, cute kids, happy families, hot sex, a touch of danger and a very happy ever after.

The Nourisher by Mark Alders

51NufRKqAKLTitle: The Nourisher
Series: Borders of the World, #1
Author: Mark Alders
Genre: Science fiction
Length: Novel (172 pages)
Publisher: Extasy Books (February 15, 2011)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.75Hearts
Blurb: Drake Glauco, a successful lawyer, happily married to Jankin–the man of his dreams–has a perfect life…until he comes home one day to find his husband in the arms of another man. In the resulting argument, Drake storms out of his house only to be drugged and kidnapped by alien people smugglers! His perfect life is shattered as he uncovers the real reason for his kidnapping. He is to become an egg nourisher for a Priaxian incubator named Vernon!

Product Link:

ISBN: 978-1-55487-798-0
Reviewer: Shorty
Review: Drake Glauco has everything he could ever want a great home, job, and a loving husband. Until one day after arriving home from work, he finds his husband in the arms of another man.

Drake is so furious he storms out angry. He feels a sting in his neck as he turns and is confronted by Boldiens, a green-skinned, amphibious, and frog-like race native to Boldien’s world, and then he falls unconscious. Drake wakes up naked and cold in what appears to be a solid steel room with no way out. When the Boldiens that kidnapped and drugged him enter the room, they tell him he is no longer of use to them anymore and that he has seen them before now.

He wakes up a second time in a much warmer place and realizes he is with the Priaxians, spider-like aliens. What he learns from Vernon is that the Nourishers are dying from a disease they cannot cure. Humans are the next compatible match. To keep their race from dying out and asks Drake to be his nourisher. He agrees after meeting the queen and getting permission to travel to earth to confront his husband.

Along the journey to earth, Vernon and Drake are chased by Boldiens and kidnapped by Aurorans. Drake learns of the reason why he was kidnapped in the first place and of the Aurorans plans to take over the galaxy. So much happens in this amazing book. From finding out that Drake husband Jankin was sent to him to entice him by the Aurorans, a wasp like civilization, in the hopes of reopening the trade to other beings. Along the way, Drake and Vernon fall in love and have passionate sex.

Very fascinating and intriguing story with nonstop action, suspense, and intrigue. I was speechless by the details of the different worlds, planets, and the different beings, as the story unfolded. I have never read a story quite like this one before and was greatly impressed by it.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Anyone who is a science fiction fan should read this wonderfully written book.

Remember Me by Olivia Black

remembermeTitle: Remember Me
Series: Silver Bullet, #12
Author: Olivia Black
Genre: Contemporary/Paranormal
Length: Novella (91 pages)
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Inc. (August, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 1/2Hearts
Blurb: Michael Moriarty is a polar bear shifter from Alaska. He left his small fishing community behind and moved to New Orleans, looking for a change. As a new employee at the Silver Bullet, his responsibility is the club’s security. One night, while making rounds, he stumbles upon a human in need of help.

Kenny Reeves has been dreaming about the Silver Bullet since moving to town. On his twenty-first birthday, he decides to go to the club. What starts out as an amazing night soon takes a turn for the worst. His drink gets spiked, making him uncoordinated and woozy. With the drug running through his system, Kenny can’t call out for help or fight off his assailant as the stranger pulls him out of the club and shoves him into a van. Michael’s never been a knight in shining armor, but when it comes to saving his mate, he’ll do anything.

Product Link:

ISBN: 978-1-63258-227-0

Reviewer: Shorty
Review: Kenny Reeves is a cute, sweet, naive young man who just turned 21 years old and decides to go to Silver Bullet, a gay club for paranormals and humans, alone. He has never been to the place before but has wanted to since moving to New Orleans when he was just 18 years old. It ended up being the worst and best decision he’s ever made. The worst is that he was drugged and almost sexually abused. The best is that he met his mate in the man who saved him from the assault.

Michael Moriaty is a sexy, big polar bear shifter that decided to leave Alaska, meet other paranormals, and hopefully find his mate. He is sweet and kind as can be unless those he’s close to are harmed or in danger. Michael works at Silver Bullet as security keeping everyone safe. When Jayson asks him to go outside and see if one of the two men that just left is all right, because he wasn’t looking to good, Michael doesn’t hesitate. He finds the men in a white van. One unable to move or speak is his mate. He immediately stops what is about to happen and calls for help.

This book was well written. With intense, emotional and heartbreaking scenes at what Kenny went through and the love of a mate who helped him heal.

Sean’s Pup by Olivia Black

19543170Title: Sean’s Pup
Series: Silver Bullet, #4
Author: Olivia Black
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (75 pages)
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Inc. (January18th, 2014)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3Hearts
Blurb: Sean Griffin is the Beta to his Alpha and friend, Gideon Channing. He also works security at the Silver Bullet. Six years ago, Sean found Blair Stewart. Blair was only sixteen at the time, living on the street and rummaging through the Dumpster. Sean knew they were mates immediately. His life changed that night…

Blair Stewart and his two best friends, Holden and Maddox, ran away from home. They were caught experimenting with each other one night during a sleepover. The three young men end up in New Orleans and are adopted into a new wolf pack. Everything is starting to look up, until Blair’s father shows up and Sean sends him away to a private school in Europe. Blair’s left feeling rejected once more. First by his family and then by his mate.

Six years later Blair’s an adult and he’s going back to New Orleans to face Sean.

Product Link:

ISBN: 978-1-62741-065-6

Reviewer: Shorty

Review: Blair finally heads back to New Orleans after being in Europe at college. The first thing he does is go see Sean and has him claim him. There are a lot of hot intimate scenes all throughout this story. Along with Blair learning that, Holden has been in love with since they were teenagers and he never knew. Maddox and Ranger have a hot night together after graduation but can’t be together because Maddox already knows who his mate is and it’s not Ranger.

This book is filled with a lot of sex and a few pages of drama about Maddox, Ranger, and Holden.

Key of Behliseth by Lou Hoffmann Blog Tour, Guest Post, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

Lou Hoffman - The Key of Behliseth 600x600Banner

Hiya guys, today we have Lou Hoffmann popping in with her new release Key of Behliseth, Lou chats about finding the right balance for all ages in YA books and there is a fantastic excerpt and giveaway. So guys I will leave you in Lou’s more than capable hands, just enjoy my review and click that Rafflecopter link ❤ ~Pixie~

Lou Hoffman - The Key of Behliseth

Key of Behliseth

(The Sun Child 01)


Lou Hoffmann

On his way to meet a fate he’d rather avoid, homeless gay teen Lucky steps through a wizard’s door and is caught up in a whirlwind quest and an ancient war. He tries to convince himself that his involvement with sword fights, magic, and interworld travel is a fluke, and that ice-breathing dragons and fire-breathing eagles don’t really exist. But with each passing hour, he remembers more about who he is and where he’s from, and with help, he begins to claim his power.

Lucky might someday rule a nation, but before he can do that, he must remember his true name, accept his destiny, and master his extraordinary abilities. Only then can he help to banish the evil that has invaded earth and find his way home—through a gateway to another world.



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