The Devil’s Brew by Rhys Ford ~ Audiobook

DevilsBrew[The]AUDLgTitle:  The Devil’s Brew
Series:  Sinners Series, Book 2.5
Author: Rhys Ford
Narrated by: Tristan James
Length: 1 hr and 34 mins
Release Date: 08-11-14 (Dreamspinner Press)
Purchase link:
Reviewer: Tams

Review:  Short, Sexy, Steamy and downright hysterical!

Miki St. John and his partner, SFPD Inspector Kane Morgan have settled into a comfortable lifestyle. Miki, Kane, Miki’s best friend Damie and Dude the dog have their own definition of family in the warehouse they all live in. First Damie drags Miki out shopping for Sionn, Damie’s boyfriend who is also Kane’s cousin, at a jewelry store. Then the two friends settle in for fish & chips for lunch. At a place they used to haunt with their deceased band mates. So the holiday, the certainty that he’s going to screw it up with Kane and missing his 2 fallen friends all have Miki in a slightly sore mood. Can the promise of an evening at home alone with Kane brighten the young rockers otherwise dreary mood?

Things are definitely looking up until Kane gets called in to work. The working doesn’t bother Miki. He can understand and loves Kane all the more for what he does. It’s the, dare I say, wrapping of Kane’s gift that get’s Miki all in a tizzy! At the end of the day, the guys exchange their gifts and solidify their love for each other that ends with Miki underneath Kane… hot, sweaty, sticky, and completely debauched.

This was the perfect addition to the Sinner’s Gin series. Just to give all us hardcore fans a little update with the goings on in the lives of our two favorite couples. Miki is one of the most messed up, comical, endearing, and lovable characters of any series I’ve read to date. The way that he and Kane communicate is equal parts baffling and beautiful. They crack me up! And the love letter that Kane wrote to Miki, but he has it shoved inside his guitar, like a little morsel just waiting for Miki to find it in like twenty years.

** Updated review to include audio review 9-11-14 **

Tristan James returns to continue telling the story of the Morgan clan and their men. It’s amazing to me how James manages to maintain a different tone and inflection for each of the Morgan men, so much so that the listener always knows exactly which character they are following. His voice and narration adds an extra edge to this already amazing series. Whether it’s the big, bad cop Kane whose patience and love for Miki is never ending. The unwavering best friend Damie. Or young, insecure and slightly psychotic Miki St. John himself. James gives each and every one of them their own distinct personality and voice that only compliments Ford’s written characters.

This audio version is the perfect addition to an already stellar series of books, I’ve both read and listened to all the books, and while they are highly similar, each version gives you a different perspective to the characters and the stories. I’m anxiously waiting for Tequila Sunrise to release on audio, and for book 4 to release on Amazon, write faster Rhys!!