Changing the Things You Can by Ari McKay (Mended Daily Dose) Interview, Review & Giveaway!

Ari McKay - Changing the Things You Can Mended_FBbanner_DSPHello peeps! We have finally come to the very last Mended Daily Dose…. Ari McKay’s Changing the Things You Can, we have an interview with Ari and McKay and the comment giveaway where you can win your own copy of Changing the Things You Can and remember today is the very last day for the chance to win the Mended Daily Dose collection so click that Rafflecopter link! Good luck guys ❤ ~Pixie~

And the winner for Eli Easton’s Heaven Can’t Wait is…  Michelle! Congratulations Michelle ❤

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Life comes with a bit of hurt, but luckily for these men, it also comes with the right amount of comfort to mend their breaks, both of the body and the heart. From facing deranged exes to economic trials, the men in these tales have faced trial by fire–or in some cases water–for the right to love and live. Step into their shoes as they rebuild their family after a gutting betrayal or traverse the stars with an unexpected partner. The Mended Daily Dose package delivers stories about all kinds of second chances built on love. 

Felicitas Ivey Zahra Owens Emily Moreton Cardeno C. S.A. Garcia Elizabeth Noble M. Lee Ellis Carrington Kim Fielding Ari McKay E.T. Malinowski Bru Baker K.C. Wells Gwynn Marssen Lee Comyn Ashavan Doyon Eli Easton Charley Descoteaux Therese Woodson MA Ford Kenzie Cade Coral Moore L.D. Blakeley Chloe Stowe Ronnie Matthews Jayden Brooks Diane Lennox C. Callenreese Mars Novak Emma Wilson

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Talented Boys: The FIrst Semester by John Shepherd

81pBXu1syWL._SL1500_Title:  Talented Boys: The First Semester

Author:  John Shepherd

Genre:  BDSM

      Length: Novella (73 pages)

Publisher: Fast Media (February 18th, 2014)

Heat Level: High

Heart Rating: ♥ 1 Hearts

Reviewer: LeeAnn

Blurb: Kevin is an eager young college freshman in his first semester away from home. Exposed to the wild and hot gay scene, he loses his virginity one sultry night to a seductive older man. Before long, a parade of men turn Kevin’s adorable little body into a wild sex machine. But Kevin discovers that true love is harder to find than wild sex. And it’s hard to keep your grades up with all those men keeping your pants down!

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Review:  To me a good story is one where both people or more than two have a mutually satisfying experience. Maybe that is just me.

Kevin, with the exception of when he was with Nathan, was never satisfied.  His first experience was painful, no use of anything other than spit…ouch!  No prep, even though the man knew it was Kevin’s first time. His partner didn’t care that he was in pain or that he wasn’t satisfied, either time they had sex. He just made me mad…the way he treated Kevin and I wanted Kevin to stand up for himself and say”Hey! That hurts! Use something!” That is another thing…they had unprotected sex both times. The humiliation that he suffered from that first man, even though it was said it turned him on never rang true for me. 

That being said the story did flow well, but something was just off…for ME. Maybe if someone else had read it, it would have been fine. I don’t like giving bad reviews and really, this is just MY opinion. 

Wolf Run by B.A. Tortuga Book Blast, Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!

B.A Tortuga - Wolf Run WolfRunBanner

Hiya guys, today we are bringing a hot little number your way! We have B.A. Tortuga and her incredibly sexy Wolf’s Run, which has not one, not two but three hot shifters! So guys here’s your chance to win your very own copy just click that Rafflecopter link after you have had a slow peruse of that excerpt! ❤ ~Pixie~

B.A Tortuga - Wolf Run Wolf Run

Wolf Run


B.A. Tortuga

Mick is a lone wolf in all ways. He’s left his pack, he’s left his homelands and he’s on the road, footloose and fancy free. Well, at least until he wanders up to a fence and finds a little wolf running his ass off behind it. Mick stops to let the pup out and is stunned to hear the young wolf, Scotty, tell him “no”. Scotty’s mate and best friend, Danny, asked Scotty to stay behind the fence, so he will be safe while Danny fights to support them both. All this leaves Mick’s fur standing on end. Maybe, Mick doesn’t need one mate to bring him home. Maybe, he needs two.

Resplendence Publishing: Wolf Run

Amazon: Wolf Run

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