I Should Tell You by Karenna Colcroft

81cVWlWaGML._SL1500_Title: I Should Tell You

Author: Karenna Colcroft

Genre: Contemporary, Drag

Length: Novel (187 pages)

ISBN: 9781623007171

Publisher: Loose Id (March 4th, 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: Hunter Girard is an aspiring musician who has just been chosen to play live for a drag queen show. Hunter is also a recovering alcoholic with a past from which he’s still healing.

On stage, “Starry Daye” is one of the stars of the show, confident and beautiful, but in real life, Mitch Walters abuses prescription drugs to dull the pain of his childhood abuse and dreams of the day when he can be as confident as his stage persona.

When Hunter and Mitch meet, their attraction is undeniable and the sex is hot as hell, but with all their baggage, they’re going to have to work hard to turn lust into love and not just another addiction.

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Review: I have found that these stories with drag queens are an unexpected delight. I absolutely fell in love with Mitch and the gang.

Mitch is a wonderful, complex character. He is a drag queen and proud of it but he is every bit a man. A very broken one. Mitch suffered abuses as a child and still has issues that he hides with drug abuse. His Drag-Queen mother Solara has taken him under her wing warning him it’s the last time and he seriously needs to get clean. I have dealt with a loved one suffering from drug abuse and I could really relate to Solara.

Hunter has his own demons. He too has suffered sexual abuse as a child but his story is far different from Mitch and his abuse was alcohol. Hunter has been clean for 5 years and tries to distance himself from any sort of substance abuse. He is trying to make some extra money to get a new apartment on his own. He answers an ad for a musician for a drag show and is intrigued by Starry Daye and her true identity Mitch.

This is such a beautiful love story, full of angst and drama but with a happy ending. I will warn you it is insta-love but it worked for me with these two men. I could easily see how they made a connection and how difficult trying to have a real romantic relationship could be for either of them. I am now a die-hard fan of Karenna Colcroft and can’t wait for more stories! I would love to see Solara’s!! Hint, hint!

If you like, Angsty sweet romances, Drag queens, broken men, recovery, and of course, hot mansex this is definitely for you!