True Nature by Jessica Freely

22020431Title: True Nature
Series: N/A
Author: Jessica Freely
Genre:  Fantasy/ Paranormal
Length: Novella (125 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-62300-129-2
Publisher: Loose Id (April 22nd, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Lake Clearwater–conservation officer and water spirit–has just been appointed guardian of Gem Pond by The Powers That Be. It’s the first time in eight years he’s had a real home and he’s determined to protect it, even if that means hiding his attraction to his sexy new partner, Forrest Oakwood.

Forrest is a native of the Gem Pond area and the guardian of its trees. He knows the land and its people are a crucial lynchpin in the natural order. He also knows that if he comes out, his boss in the DNR, Sgt. Dennison, will find an excuse to fire him. But ignoring his true nature was a lot easier before Lake Clearwater showed up. The man’s a walking, talking wet dream.

Meanwhile, local residents–human and animal alike–conspire to bring Lake and Forrest together. The land needs its guardians united and at their full power. Dennison wants to cut down the trees to make room for water slides and tennis courts. If Forrest and Lake don’t embrace their passion for each other, they’ll be unable to stop him and that would be a disaster, not just for Gem Pond but also for the entire natural world.
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Review: This is a good book however a bit strange. I got a kick out of all the characters in this story. Also the fact that their names themselves hold a meaning behind them. Lake is a conservation officer and a water spirit. He has just been appointed guardian of Gem Pond. Gem Pond is actually a lake. The first night there, he gets lost in the woods. Thanks to Forrest finding him, he would have probably died.

Forrest is Lakes conservation officer partner. He is also the guardian of the forest. See what I mean by their names holding a meaning. There is a woman who is named Robin. She is also a robin. It would seem that the whole town knows not only who they are but also what they are. There is something so mystical about the whole place.

Lake had been a guardian once at fourteen and lost his guardianship. He takes one look at Forrest and wants him, but was afraid of what Forrest wanted. It turned out that what Forrest wanted was Lake. The whole town–human and animal are conspiring to bring these two sexy men together. Forrest whole deal was that he didn’t want anyone to know what he truly was like. They fought their desires for so long that when they get together it is amazing and so full of fire and passion that you will cheer them on. Plus probably get a little bit hot under the collar at the same time.

This story has just a bit of seriousness to it, but it also has a bit of humor mixing in. I love the way they mingle together. At first, all shy then it heats up. They are strong guardians by themselves, but when they are fully mated their strengths double. I didn’t fall in love with this story but I did like it. It was the perfect length for me.

I would recommend reading this book. It is a delightful surprise. I loved the characters. They spiced the story up. It has an amazing paranormal world that you will lose yourself in. It is full of tenderness, love, gentle beings, and hot men.

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