The Breeders by D.J. Manly

a9871f699d0b4fadd5ca5b40b6b2b0cb.image.300x450Title: The Breeders

Author: DJ Manly

Genre: Science Fiction – Conspiracy / Utopian – Dystopian (M/F elements)

ISBN: 9781622320806

Length: Extended Novel (679 pages)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (November 9th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: Two heroes fought impossible odds for their right to love. 4006 was the year the aliens came. The Compound was a place of so-called reeducation, where healthy, young GLBT people were imprisoned to accept the ‘cure’ or die.

After a woman is murdered en route to see a dying old man named Sasha, he decides to open a box entrusted to him by his father on his deathbed. In it is the truth about a rebellion waged seventy years ago. Sasha brings the box to the grieving husband and a story of two men begins to unfold–a love story about two heroes who fought against impossible odds for their right to love.

4006 was the year the aliens came, a race on the verge of extinction. The Compound was their invention, a place of horrors and so called reeducation, where healthy, young GLBT people were imprisoned to eventually accept the ‘cure’ or find death.

CONTENT ADVISORY: This story has a HFN ending. This is a re-release title. This title contains MF, MFM, and MM sexual situations.

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Review: An impossibly gripping story The Breeders is placed forward in the future of human kind. The year is 4085 and the Earth leaves in peace. There are only two continents, the East and the West, and the relationship between human’s are what one would call ideal. It’s a Utopia in all forms… until a woman dies. In this perfect place someone doesn’t want the past revisited.

It is an incredible story and it managed to shake me a lot. You already know from the beginning that the story you are about to read is that of a couple who lived and died in the biggest rebellion of human kind that saw aliens invaders out of Earth. You already know this couple is long dead, yet the feelings of hope never manage to fully let you go.

As a dying old man is trying to pass along secrets and information his long dead father gave him, death seems to be right at the corner and catching up fast. Reaching the husband of the murdered researcher, Sasha opens the hologram disk and together they see the story of the Alien invasion and the turn of LGBT youth into prisoners where they were brainwashed, tortured, made to hate themselves, and finally used for breeding the under-fertilized and dying race of the Tantonians, just as if they were animals. The two men witness the horrors that these aliens force upon mere children that are treated like they have a disease instead of a natural sexual orientation. Brutally beaten, verbally and physically abused, what the LGBT community suffered was pure genocide. However, as the horrors are unveiled and the past starts catching up with the future a deeper horror shows up, one that has not been exterminated by the rebellion, rather managed to survive and gain in power.

The past is not over, the prison might have been demolished and no longer exist as a literal figure, but the LGBT genocide never really stopped and now the present has become as deadly as the past once was, perhaps even more so…

Honestly, I just loved this story. While the descriptions used here are not awfully explicit, the text manages to give you the visual and images needed to actually see this story in your mind as if you were right there with the characters watching that damn hologram. It is agony! That’s what it is. The pace is fast and between the flashes back into history and the return to present it makes your head spin (the nice way) and it makes your heart beat like a hammer. It is also quite painful. Not only the torturing, not only the brainwashing and self-hate mere children suffer, but the love story between the two MC’s is also heartbreaking. I couldn’t stop reading from the moment I picked it up, even as I stood for at least twenty minutes in trepidation when Jude first appeared. Yes, it took me twenty minutes to make my mind and find the guts to dive in, but once I did, there was no stopping.

As I said, the intimate scenes are not explicit as this story is a record on a disk and the narrators, Jude and Dante, do not go into full details about how they made love. But that is perhaps the very secret ingredient into making the love between the two of them even more powerful for the reader. They are both constantly surrounded by enemies both alien and earthlings. Their chances of survival are slim and they risk not only their own life, but also the life of every LGBT person on earth if Dante’s mission fails. The tension of the situation gives great intensity to every emotion and you feel overloaded by the end of the book.

I must admit that the end itself while greatly emotional as well, felt a bit rushed for me and left me with questions. If a sequel is scheduled for this book then it makes a bit sense to leave it at that, but if not then the end fell short of my expectations.

Overall, though this was a great, great read, one I would suggest to every fan of the genre.