Drawing by Heart by Joey James Hook

c871cf501662076e54bf12a359798e7b.image.300x450Title: Drawing by Heart

Series:  Xander, Book#3

Author: Joey James Hook

Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary

Length: Novel (306 pages)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (November 23rd 3013)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: For Kay Xander-Doyle, college is amazing, but his boyfriend Johnny Collins is pulling away. When the unexpected happens and Kay has to make a life-or-death choice, he’ll have to decide how to best protect the ones he loves.

Kay Xander-Doyle thinks college will be the best years of his life, and they are. The biggest problem with spreading his wings is feeling like his boyfriend, Johnny Collins, is pulling away the more Kay gets out into the world. Through the friends he’s been making, Kay meets Drew Robinson, a sweet, charismatic guy with an eye for elegant detail. Drew pulls Kay in, leaving him at a loss for how to move forward with Johnny. When the unexpected happens and Kay has to make a life-or-death choice between the past and the present, he’ll have to decide how to best protect the ones he loves.

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Review: This is book three in the Xander series. This one can standalone since it mainly follows Kay and Johnny, after Kay goes off to college.

This book has more sex in it than the other two. But, it is hot and sexy and adds to the story very well. There isn’t as much angst as the first book or the second, but it does deal with deep emotions. 

Kay is in his second year at the institute and he and Johnny have been together for three years. They have a very deep loving relationship, but Johnny is Kay’s first love and Kay can’t help but feel that there is more out there. Also, Johnny keeps Kay as a bottom and keeps control of their relationship and that bugs Kay. Since, Kay actually likes girls also and would like to top some. He feels that Johnny doesn’t have enough trust in him.

I really, really like Kay. He is a very unique individual.  I even liked Johnny and all the new characters introduced. The one thing like so much about these stories is that the other characters all play an important role, fit in so well, and make you want to know them more. I would love to see every single one of their stories.   There was also a little mystery slipped in that added intrigue and excitement.  There is quite a bit of partying and drugs and drinking involved but it didn’t really bother me much since it is reality.

This book is different from the first. One, Two, Three Shatter covered the main character from youth to adult, whereas this one focuses on a shorter time frame.

If you like a good story of new adults finding themselves, don’t mind drugs and alcohol, like a loving romance, lots of emotion, some unique characters and some pretty hot, sensual mansex; this is for you. I can’t wait for the next one.