A Rampant Hunger by James Cox

18043478Title: A Rampant Hunger

Author: James Cox

Genre: Science Fiction, Erotica, MMM

Length: Short (66pgs)

Publisher: Evernight Publishing (6th June 2013)

Heat Level: Scorching

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: How far would you go to save the man you love?

Earth is dying. Sam Bryant is a scientist traveling through space in search of a new world for the future of our species, but what they find threatens humankind’s very existence. The man Sam loves is now bitten and infected by a strange creature. Time is running out and Kael is beginning to mutate. He claims to feel a hunger inside his body that food cannot sate.

The mission to save Earth has turned into a will to survive, but will they both make it home?

Purchase Link: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/a-rampant-hunger-by-james-cox/

Review: Sam is a scientist with a crush, but being a nerdy scientist doesn’t get him attention on a spaceship searching for new world to call home. Kael is a Colonel leading the expedition and it’s his job to find a safe planet, but the first one they come across isn’t as safe as they first thought. Tavish is the Chief Medical Doctor going with them in case of injury and when Kael is bit by a dangerous creature, he has to try to figure out just what is going on.

Holy cow, this is a perfect blend of sci-fi and erotica that will please both nerds and sex seekers. Sam has only had his hand for company for the last five months and he has been secretly panting after the expedition leader, Kael. now he is chosen to go to the new planet’s surface along with all the muscle bound hunks. Accidently catching Kael and Tavish in a compromising position, it is a vision that he plans to put in his spank bank. Sam thinks his chances with Kael are shot until a night under the blankets changes his mind. The unexpected danger nearly takes Kael from Sam, but Sam’s utter determination gets them back to the ship…. Only to discover disaster and come to the rescue of Tavish. Now they have five months before they get back to Earth with a mutated Kael who has A Rampant Hunger that Sam and Tavish have to feed.

This is a brilliant sexual fix that really gets the juices flowing, the blood burning and gives your inner geek a high. Three characters who mesh perfectly together. doing what they have to, to survive *snigger*. This story has a great storyline; the Earth is dying and humans are seeking a new world. The expedition lands on a compatible world and inadvertently unleashes death. One survivor is bitten and is changing and the two others have to feed his hunger, and they love every minute of it! James Cox has done it again with his highly charged erotic writing, giving us an entertaining story while overdosing us on pure sex and giving us men who just love to fall in love.

If you are in the market for science fiction that’s got a dash of danger, a hankering for some scorching hot sex, and a yearning for three men falling in love, then this is the book you want to read. 


Sharp Dressed Man by T.A. Chase

Chase_Final_Front_Cover_5_18_2013Title: Sharped Dressed Man

Series: Mixed Tape Series Volume #1

Author: T.A. Chase

Genre: MM Contemporary Romance

Length: Novelette

Publisher: MLR Press (June 7th, 2013)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥2.5 Hearts

Reviewer: Thommie

Blurb: For twenty-five years, Jim and Dan have thought about what could have been, and now they have a chance to find out.

Jim Stanton and Daniel Perkins fell in love with each other at a ZZ Top concert in 1987, though they never admitted it. After graduation, they let their love slip away, but never forgot. Their 25th class reunion gives them the chance to correct the mistake.

Product Link: http://www.mlrbooks.com/ShowBook.php?book=TAC_SDRM

Review: A very sweet little story Sharped Dressed Man follows two High School best friends who drifted apart in the years that followed until one day, after twenty-five years, they received a Reunion Invitation.

The story is a bit weird in some part. See both men had this epiphany at a concert of ZZ TOP they both attended, that they were in love with each other. Neither though had the guts to share that little info with the other, instead being afraid that if their best friend would find out they’d lose the friendship they so much valued. Ending up, of course, not only trying to hide what they felt, but also losing their best friend anyway when High School was over.

As years passed by and each of them settles into their careers, neither has the same time to go back home for visits. Not once managing to see each other during these twenty-five years. The yearning though is there, the longing of seeing their best friend. The man who all others had to compare and compete for each. And now the time has finally come for them to make that happen.

So you see this story is quite easy flowing in concept. Jim and Dan’s families both are not only very accepting, but also trying to match them together. There are no complications and no angst at all in this entire story. Only the fears each character harbors that their feelings won’t be reciprocated. So when they finally meet right outside the place where their reunion is held their hunger for each other steps in and takes them both in a reunion of their own. A first time holding too much passion for them to contain.

Honestly, either I’m too picky or this was a bit too much for me, but the dialogues between the characters were not very fascinating, they rather put me down a bit. There was this huge going round and round blaming each other (thankfully the next day) about how stupid they were to have lost all this time. While in the meanwhile, there was no dialogue about their current state. How are these two men? What happened to them in so long they haven’t laid eyes on each other? They jumped so fast into the “I love you”, “let’s stay together,” and “let’s get married” that I sort of had a mental whiplash with that.

Bottom end, I would rather have a HFN than a HEA here. But, objectively, any fan of the sweet romance and the love conquers it all, even our fears of rejection, would probably love this story. It’s sweet, it’s easy, and it has a most satisfying end.

The Last Blade by Beau Schemery

LastBlade[The]LGTitle: The Last Blade

Series: Verses of Vrelenden 02

Author: Beau Schemery

Genre: High Fantasy, Young Adult

Length: Super Novel (350pgs)

Publisher: Harmony Ink (Dreamspinner Press) (30th May 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½ Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Ren Mallorian is finally a hero. He helped Celestrian, the lost unicorn, complete his quest and he defeated the kingdom’s worst enemy, Grimthorn. Now Ren lives in the capital city doing odd quests for the king and his nobles—but he misses Celestrian.

One day the king summons Ren and the Prince of Toads, a noble who has taken the role of irreverent sidekick, and tasks them with assembling a team to combat an uprising in the Zombie Kingdom. On their journey across Vrelenden, they gather allies: Discimus, an accomplished wizard and a smug bastard (it’s a good thing he’s pretty). Jaron A-Dale, the captain of a city guard and an accomplished knight. Acorn, a tiny and mysterious elf girl. And an unexpected and extremely dangerous traveling companion.

But is there more to the Zombie threat and its newly raised army of the undead than meets the eye? Ren is having a tough time keeping his head straight, and with Ren and Dish distracted—both by their romance of convenience and the absence of the men they love—this may prove Ren’s most dangerous quest yet.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3830

Review: This book is part of a series and is best read in order. Ren is now the Kingdom’s Hero after his adventure with Celestrian. But, he misses Celestrian desperately, not knowing when he will see his True Love again. When the King summons Ren and the Prince of Toads (Ren’s adopted sidekick) to take up a Quest, they discover some truths about zombies. They leave to gather a Party that will help them to quell the uprising in the Zombie Kingdom. But collecting their Party is going to be hard, as they have side Quests to fulfill before their allies can join them.

Ahhh, God. I just love fantasy adventures that are filled with the familiar and the new, and that has just the right amount of humor to make an enjoyable story. Ren is back and he is the Kingdom’s Hero. Celestrian is never far from his thoughts, but not knowing when they will next be together has Ren seeking comfort, and he knows Celestrian would never begrudge him those brief moments. Setting off on a new Quest to save the Kingdom has Ren and the Prince seeking the best of the best to complete their party; Discimus, a great wizard, Jaron A-Dale, a mighty warrior and Acorn a great healer. They also pick up the unexpected and dangerous ally Setsuo. They face danger and sneak attacks, they have to help with side quests to get the aid they need and there is bickering, falling out and finally they have friendships developing.

I loved this story, although I was a bit wary at first because Ren and Celestrian are separated and a new man comes into Ren’s life. But as the story progresses you come to see that although Ren finds Quest love, no one will ever replace his True Love. and you just know that Celestrian isn’t sitting chastely waiting for Ren. The characters in this story are just brilliant. Ren has developed his Hero skills greatly, and the Prince is as incorrigible as ever with his drinking and women chasing ways. The new characters, Discimus, A-Dale, and Acorn all add something in their own way to this story. Discimus is vain, smug, and self-involved, but you get used to his abrasiveness. A-Dale is a mighty warrior who has a good heart and seeks justice for those who can’t protect themselves. and then we have Acorn, a young elf girl who repeatedly save the Party’s lives… she is sweet and gentle and just wants to be loved after being terrified by her own father.

This is an action-filled story where the hero’s risk their lives constantly. they meet fascinating characters and have some interesting twists with characters from the previous book The Unlikely Hero, both good and bad, popping up. The villages we visit are wonderful, along with the colorful characters that live there. And there are strong hints of admiration for other high fantasy stories. There are some great scenes where it is hard to stifle your laughter. When some of the party are pretending to be Zombie, it’s just brilliant. The story is brilliantly woven, taking us on adventures that are exciting and at times that need tact. They face death and danger, and an old foe and just want are they going to do if the baddies succeed in making a dragon into a zombie?    

I will recommend this to those who love high fantasy, young adult, fantastic characters, fleeting love, great adventure, danger and an ending that leaves you wondering what Ren will face next.  


Children of Forever by Etienne

ChildrenofForeverLGTitle: Children of Forever

Series: Forever 03

Author: Etienne

Genre: Science Fiction, Contemporary, Other Paranormal

Length: Novel (270pgs)

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (17th June 2013)

Heat Level: Low

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½ – 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Could you handle living forever, knowing you would watch your friends grow old and die? Could you handle loving someone, knowing you would live forever… without them? 

When Marco’s immortal father remarried an immortal woman, Marco never expected that their children would develop a supernatural ability: Serafina and Valerius can communicate telepathically. Not only that, but they’re hearing telepathic cries for help from someone they don’t know. Desperate to conceal his family’s secrets, Marco decides to investigate the strength of their abilities by taking Valerius with him on a planned visit to an institution in a distant city.

Soon Valerius reveals that the voice’s owner is Sergio, an adolescent who has been institutionalized for most of his life. Tests reveal a family connection to Marco’s family, so they decide to have Sergio moved to a spot nearer to where they reside—but they aren’t the only ones interested in Sergio’s heritage.

Purchase Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3915

Review: This story is part of a series and is best read in order. When Marco’s half-brother and half-sister, Valerius and Serafina, come to Marco with a secret, he learns about a side effect of immortal men and women reproducing together. It is a secret he cannot keep, as it could have consequences for his entire family. Investigating the telepathy and the telepathic cries for help leads to discovering a lost member of the family, Sergio. But, Sergio has been locked up in mental institutions for most of his life and could pose a risk to the family’s security unless he can learn shield himself. Dani and Marco look into the new abilities and gene therapy with startling results and a trip to America has both men learning even more about telepaths.

This story continues with the evolution theory of the d’Argenzio family and the new discoveries made as two long living families begin to combine. Marco is surprised when he discovers the new ability of Valerius and Serafina and the implications it causes. Learning that there is someone telepathically crying out for help could be another danger and he warns his brother and sister to be very careful. Dani begins research into this new development and does a little experimenting of his own, while Marco begins the search for the person asking for help.

This is a very interesting story and it was really nice to see both Dani and Marco again and see how they are still so in love with each other. The storyline takes a twist in this book with the results of immortal men and women having children together and combining their genes. Surprising all, it also leads to the families having to be more careful with their security and thoughts. I must admit that I found the way they handled it made me uncomfortable and made me think they were playing God; playing with gene therapy and experimenting on themselves, delving into other people’s lives and making choices that other people might not want, was just wrong.

The writing style flows smoothly and is as easy-going as ever. The characters are pretty good, although I found the children acted and spoke as though they were a lot older. The storyline is very interesting, but I still found it creepy at times. We get to see characters from Sleuth LLC: Birds of a Feather and Love Turns The Page, adding to the story slightly. As usually, there is no on page love-making, but we are left in no doubt as to Marco and Dani’s active love life though.

I recommend this to those who want an interesting storyline, twists, keeping secrets, a more placid writing style and a very happy growing family.