Catching Kit by Kay Berrisford

Title: Catching Kit

Author: Kay Berrisford

Genre: Paranormal

Length: Novella (120pgs)

Publisher: Loose Id (24th July 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥3 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: He was supposed to trap him, not fall in love.

When government agent and Ethereal Being hunter, Denny, has to imprison an elf in his garage overnight, his life spins out of control. Caught and cuffed on the London Underground, Kit shatters everything Denny’s been taught about elves. How can Kit be a dangerous, mind-reading cipher who preys on human emotions? Kit’s gorgeous and funny, and he’s got a cute arse. He even shares Denny’s quiet kinks for bondage and cross-dressing. Or so Kit claims.

When Kit wiles his way into Denny’s house for a session of mind-blowing sex, the elf seems too good to be true–until reality strikes. Denny’s fucked an elf. A prisoner in his charge. If he doesn’t take Kit to the containment depot he’s in big trouble, and Kit’s about to drop an equally devastating bombshell.  The elf’s been searching a thousand years for a bloke like Denny. He ‘gets’ Denny’s kinks, adores role play and women’s panties, and now he needs Denny’s love to survive.

Is Kit preying on Denny’s emotions, or can Denny trust him? If so, dare Denny break the law and gamble his life to save the Ethereal Being in his bed?

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Review: Denny is a hunter, an Ethereal Being (Elves) Hunter. It is his job to round up the EB parasites before they bleed the emotions from humans. But, when he catches one on the London Underground he discovers that the EBs might not be the dangerous beings that he has been led to believe. He falls rapidly for the cute elf Kit. But, what is he supposed to do now? The Being he has fallen for is supposed to be a danger to humans and there is no way the government is going to let them be.

This is a great novella that shows us a different take on Elves, and the view that humans have on them. Denny is just doing his job, but when he comes across Kit the last thing he wants is to do his job. In fact, he has to resist the temptation that the elf poses, but it is a losing battle. Especially, when he discovers that they share a love of women’s underwear and slightly kinky sex. All Kit wants is for someone to love, and not to fade. He thinks he has found that with Denny, but he has to convince the sexy hunter not to take him in.

Kit and Denny come together very quickly and the main story is spanned out over just a couple of days. It is an interesting story-line and could have been fleshed out quite a bit more. I wanted to know more about the elves and how they came to be, it was very vague. The humans way of dealing with them was, well, to be expected really, but again, I would have liked to know more about exactly what they do and why. Denny’s background was interesting and I liked that it seemed to be quite involved with his decisions.

Denny and Kit were hot and sexy together and I must admit I do like a man who wears women’s underwear. The slinkier the better. And, I really liked that Kay Berrisford had a man’s man wearing them, as it hits closer to reality then it always being slinky, feminine men wearing them. The epilogue was interesting and I would love to actually read a story based on it and the struggles they faced in being together and campaigning against the government for EB rights.

So, I will recommend this to those who love the paranormal, elves, secret government agencies, hot sex, a touch of kinky sex, hot men in women’s underwear and a very happy ending.



Garnets of Destiny by Serena Yates

Title: Garnets of Destiny

Series: Gemstone Chronicles 01

Author: Serena Yates

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Alternative World

Length: Novel Plus (274pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (4th August 2012)

Heat Level: Low – Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4 ½Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Zachary is homeless after escaping his abusive family. Selling a garnet ring given to him at birth by the mysterious Messenger would be enough to rent an apartment. Zohar, a good-looking jeweler, promises to help–but can Zachary trust him?

“Good stories are as rare as flawless high carat gemstones.” –The Collector

Zachary, abused for years by his adoptive parents, finally runs away. He knows he’s safer on his own than in their so-called care. Homeless and desperate for money so he can put down a deposit for an apartment, he decides to sell the antique garnet ring his parents received from the mysterious Messenger at Zachary’s birth.

Zohar Zyngold is crown prince of Zelaria, a world very similar to Earth in a parallel dimension. On his twenty-fifth birthday, during the traditional ceremony, the antique garnet ring his father passed on to him starts emitting an intense red light. Only finding the bearer of the matching ring that has been located on Earth will allow him to fully control his new paranormal powers. Using some of them to cross into Earth’s dimension, he masquerades as a jeweler, hoping to attract the ring’s owner.

Zachary and Zohar are not only attracted to each other when they first meet, their rings emit a deep red light when they touch. Zachary gets scared and runs, but criminals attack him and Zohar when he tries to help. They flee to Zelaria to discover that their problems have only just begun…

This book is the first in a series called the Gemstone Chronicles, a collection of unique love stories and romances brought to you from the Void Outside Space and Time. These volumes are hand-selected by the Chroniclers, a team of beings working tirelessly to bring you interesting sensory experiences, works of art and music, as well as entertaining stories. With several dimensions and all of time at their disposal to find the most fascinating tales, the range of adventures is as unique as each individual Collector. A special being with extraordinary imagination, he is the focal point and provides new and interesting ideas that are put together in the Hall of Collections for all to admire and enjoy.

Read more about the Gemstone Chronicles and its various worlds in the special brochure coming soon to the Silver Publishing website! The Gemstone Chronicles Companion will showcase the entire collection as it is built story by story, updated each time a new one joins the group. Don’t miss it!

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Review: Well, this is great start to what looks to be a brilliant collection of 12 stories. Zachary is living on the streets, he ran away from his abusive adoptive parents four years before, and now he is desperate. he decides to sell the ring that he got from his natural parents before they died and meets Zohar, who both scares him and makes him feel safe. Zohar travelled to Earth to find the match to his Garnet ring and his bond-mate, when he finally meets Zachary he’s delighted that he is his bond-mate as well as the owner of the matching Garnet ring. when they flee to Zelaria to escape the men after Zachary, they discover much more than they thought possible.

This is a brilliant story that gives a great background to the Collector, his purpose and the men who work with him. Zohar and Zachary are characters in a story written for the Collector, but are they? Or are they real people, in real worlds, living their lives for the benefit of the Collector’s story? I can’t answer that question, but what I can answer is that this is like a story inside a story. We have the story of the Collector and the Chroniclers, and the Chroniclers are the ones who create what the Collector wants. Do they manipulate time, space, people and places to create the stories? Or do they write the story which is then enacted? I really couldn’t tell you, but we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Zachary and Zohar meet in awkward circumstances with Zachary being forced to sell his Garnet ring. Zohar knows the basics of what to expect when he meets Zachary, but he is still unsure of what will happen. Zachary is very wary of men. His experience has led him to believe that big men like to use their fists. So when he first meets Zohar, he is frightened by the feelings the bigger man invoke. Zohar has a lot to explain to Zachary, but circumstances force his hand and he has to take Zachary to his home world… and that’s the beginning of their adventure.

So, have I confused you all enough now *snicker* good! So this story has left me wanting more (Amethysts of Wisdom hurry up and get published). Because this one had sweet gentle love, a slower courtship, political intrigue, danger, persecution, physic powers, a kidnapping, a great rescue and some hot sweet loving. This story is really well written and has a fantastic plot, (I am intrigued to see what the rest of the series will be). Great characters and a softer romance, with more getting to know each other and less sex.Did I mind the less sex? Well, no. Not really. Because the sex scene that we do get means all the more for their love, because they did wait *sigh* so romantic.

I am going to recommend this to those who want a sweet gentle love story with danger, hot sex, political intrigue, with dimensional travel to alternative worlds, with physic abilities and a happy ending. Honestly this story is enjoyable and unique, I highly recommend it.




Full Disclosure by Tibby Armstrong

Title: Full Disclosure

Series: Hollywood #3

Author: Tibby Armstrong

Genre: Contemporary

Length: Novel

Publisher: Loose Id (August 14, 2012)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts – OMG!!

Blurb: Weddings are stressful under the best of circumstances, which this certainly isn’t. Following the release of his debut movie, No Apologies, Greg Falkner is working hard to be a better man to fiancé, Aaron Blake, despite his baser instincts. When their alma mater contacts Greg and asks him to serve as their celebrity master of ceremonies, for an upcoming charity event, he grudgingly accepts at Aaron’s urging.

Aaron admires the new man Greg has become, yet craves the old independence of his lover. He’d love to strike a compromise in the relationship and hopes that returning to their beginning will help Greg lay some personal demons to rest.

Neither man anticipates the violence that will befall one of them, potentially changing both lives in unimaginable ways. What emerges from the darkness, through frustrations and determination, is true deep love.

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Reviewer: Thommie

Review: Oh my, what a book! I knew it; I knew Tibby would deliver yet another fantastic novel, but still, what a book! I don’t know where to begin and where to end. The protagonists, yes, Aaron and Greg. We met them through “No Apologies”, we saw glimpses of them on “Acting Out” and we see them bloom in “Full Disclosure”.

With their wedding approaching Aaron needs to see both himself and Greg letting go of the past and the shadows that still lurk in the corners. Both he and Greg decide to go back to the place where it all started, the place that held their best and worse memories of their life. Aaron, in an attempt to reconcile his relationship with his family and Greg, in a last attempt to let go his fears and darkness for his hatred Lawson. Ten years have passed and although a lot seemed to have changed, the pair soon learned that a lot still remained the same, if not a tad more dangerous. Prejudice once again proved to be their worst enemy, an enemy making a strong attempt to take even Greg’s life.

This book highlights the scars and the trauma that is left from bullying so strongly it makes your heart tighten at the wrongness and the unfairness of it all. The emotions generated are strong and tug at your heart, making you want to swap at the ugliness and wipe it off of the face of the earth. The proverb “Live and let live” was constantly been present on my mind while reading this book. Is it so hard for people to do at least that? Tibby Armstrong makes quite the statement through her story and she doesn’t sugar coat it. No, she rather lets it slip bluntly through her text.

There are also those great moments in this book that makes your heartbeat go faster. Sensual, sexy and playful the sex between Aaron and Greg is almost painfully stimulating. Enwrapped in humor the light dominion/submission games are hard to resist and not dive in the feeling that the author so artfully created. The chemistry of these two characters is amazing, lacking no strength, sensuality or intimacy. It is deep and profound and you can sense it in every word and line. You can clearly see that, through their stupid displays of sacrifice too. Greg, being the self-loathing bastard that he is, with that slight tendency toward self-destruction, nearly blows it all; condemning both him and Aaron to misery. Yes, the display of how love makes us too blind to see the obvious isn’t missing from this story and although at times it seems that this won’t have a happy ending, one must be expected as this certain author has a love for happily ever afters, even through the darkest of the stories, which is the reason why I like her so much.

I do recommend this book to anyone who has even a slight tendency for romance. Even if you haven’t read the previous books you will enjoy it. The flashbacks to the past make it easy for someone who is reading this book as a standalone to understand the pair’s connection, their whole existence. You don’t feel the need to read the previous books in order to understand, rather to feel and live this great romance to its full extent. But, at some point, I recommend you go back and check them out.

So take a nice and long breath and make sure you have hours ahead of you because I can guarantee you will not put this down until it’s over. Enjoy!