Guarding Morgan by R. J. Scott

Title: Guarding Morgan

Series: A Sanctuary Story 01

Author: R.J. Scott

Genre: Contemporary, Crime, Mystery

Length: Novel (193pgs)

Publisher: Silver Publishing (15th October 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Pixie

Blurb: Morgan Drake is the only witness to a murder in an alleyway. Nik Valentinov works for Sanctuary, a foundation offering witness protection to anyone whose safety is compromised. Morgan discovers a bodyguard’s arms can offer more than protection.

Morgan Drake witnesses a murder in an alleyway. He is the only person who can give evidence in prosecuting the cop responsible for the crime. When the FBI safe house where he’s being held is compromised, he follows the instructions of the agent in charge and runs.

Nik Valentinov works for Sanctuary, a foundation that offers witness protection when FBI security is questionable.

When Morgan’s handler sends him to Nik for safety, neither Morgan nor Nik could imagine that two weeks alone in a cabin in the woods would have their hearts racing with something much more than merely trying to keep Morgan alive.


Review: Morgan is running for his life.  The safe house he was in is no longer safe and his handler was lying in a pool of blood. Nik is looking forwards to three weeks off ,When he gets a phone call from his old FBI partner who tells him he’s sending his charge to him.

This book gripped me from the beginning and I thought the characters were brilliant together. Morgan is unassuming, normal and will bend over backwards to please people.  He lands in trouble when he sees something that he really wishes that he hadn’t and now his life is on the line. Nik is tough, rough and caring and will protect Morgan at all costs and works hard to make sure nothing distracts him and that includes Morgan’s hot body.

The relationship between these two is hot and sparks fly.  The progression is fast and the feelings come quickly. They seem well matched, but it isn’t easy for them.  What with worrying about the case and being stuck in a remote cabin for two weeks. The danger is very realistic and wasn’t over the top.  The storyline was brilliant and the plot kept you reading.  It was smoothly written and there isn’t too much going on that you get lost. The sex is hot and sensual and made me want more of it… well you know see more of it… look, you know what I mean.  Stop being so dirty minded. 😉

I will recommend this to those who love danger, hot men who are determined to stay alive, sensual love-making and a really good storyline that doesn’t let you down.


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