Josh Lanyon – Top Ten Mistakes New M/M Writers Make

Top Ten Mistakes New M/M Writers Make


1 – Taking traits the author loathes in a female character — clinginess, helplessness, emotionalism — and convincing yourself that they’re acceptable in a male. Readers don’t hate stupidity because it’s a feminine trait; they hate it because nobody likes stupid people.


2 – Naming your character something that would get him beaten up on the school playground.


3 – Confusing “toughness” with muscles and swear words.


4 – Confusing “sexy” with the number of times the characters have sex.


5 – Mistaking a lot of random events happening to your main character for actually having a plot.


6 – Peopling your supporting cast with stereotypes and clichés. In fiction as in real life, people are most interesting in the ways they surprise us.



7 – Confusing sapphire eyes and a cool job with character development.



8 – Writing stiff, corny, unrealistic dialog that would make the characters in a B-movie blush for you.



9 – Confusing bickering, bitchiness, and Big Misunderstandings for genuine conflict. Conflict = plot. Please tell me you don’t object to a plot in your m/m romance?



10 – Writing m/m fiction because you think it will sell well rather than writing m/m fiction because it’s what you love best.