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Hey guys, today we have the excellent Designated Bottoms, where seven fabulous authors have wonderful stories about some very delicious bottoms. There is also a great giveaway where you could win a $25 Amazon giftcard so remember to click that Rafflecopter link :-) <3 ~Pixie~ 

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Designated Bottoms


Katey Hawthorne, Kiernan Kelly, Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, B.A. Tortuga, K.C. Wells and Shannon West

Some men are bottoms by birth, others by choice. Whatever the reason, a designated bottom is someone who’s happy to surrender, to submit, or just catch instead of pitch!

In Czech Me Out, by BA Tortuga, Korde discovers what it’s like to fall for someone when food truck owner Josh takes on the cowboy virgin. Katey Hawthorne’s gamer grad student Paul doesn’t date. He keeps things strictly physical. So why is Sammy so important to him in The Mistell? Kitty shifter and stripper Aleks doesn’t mix business with pleasure, but he thinks Rafe might just be the master for him in Julia Talbot’s Faster Bobcat.

Sean Michael’s Peter isn’t sure about the club his friend takes him to, especially when Doms start hitting on him. Experienced Dom Rupert is happy to help, explaining about that Little Square of Cloth. In Sgt. Hardass, by Shannon West, recent ex-Army man Jake meets up with a man he has history with, and Chad isn’t sure he can explain himself and defuse Jake’s anger. In the Prince of Paupers by Kiernan Kelly, Prince Liam and longtime friend Deacon have to go back to Deacon’s Appalachian home, much to the prince’s dismay. And in Switching It Up by KC Wells, Jay knows he looks like a twink, but only hunky Dean understands that looks can be seriously deceptive.

Designated Bottoms by Katey Hawthorne, Kiernan Kelly, Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga, KC Wells and Shannon West | Torquere Press Inc.

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Taming an Owl by Stephani Hecht

91vYaMtBF4L._SL1500_Title: Taming an Owl
Series: The Flushing Owl Shifter Book 2
Author: Stephani Hecht
Genre: Paranormal/ Shapeshifter
Length: Novella (49 Pages)
ISBN: 978-11-77111-923-8
Publisher: Extasy Books (June 15, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Sometimes your past has a way of catching up with you, even if you don’t know what said past may be.

When Gene was freed from prison, he was more than happy to join Austin’s Owl Parliament. After all, Gene’s childhood family had exiled him and turned their backs, leaving Gene nowhere to go. He was a nobody. A floater. Just a whisper in the wind.
Ever since Gene joined the Parliament, Leon finds he is drawn to the newcomer. But there are just a few problems, as Gene is smart-mouthed, snarky, cocky, never listens to orders, and has more attitude than a four-year-old who has been denied his candy.
Then an unexpected threat comes from Gene’s past and threatens his life. Will Leon be able to save him? If so, will he be able to overcome all his fears in order to claim Gene as his?
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Review: This is book two and they should be read in order. This was an amazing story. Each book focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters. For me it helps me from not really knowing what the story is really about and helps me to understand where each one comes from. It also helps me to understand why they act the way they do.

Gene had been kicked out of all the Parliaments for as long as he remembered. He didn’t remember his time when he was a child until he was fifteen. He just figured it was because he was a loser who didn’t deserve a family.

Then he was captured by Stern and kept in a prison cage for close to five years. Where he was saved by the Parliament, he was in now. He didn’t understand why he they kept him instead of getting rid of him. Gene is a smart-mouth, snarky, cocky and never listened to his orders. He had an attitude that left a lot to be desired. He however did notice from the beginning that he lusted after Leon. Leon just didn’t want him like that. He assumed that Leon just thought he was a loser also.

However, it wasn’t like that. Leon was head of security for Austin and their Parliament. He did want Gene. So after Gene’s horrible first day at work, where Leon had to step in and stop his man from being touched by other men, Leon decided to show him just how much he was wanted. Leon was pretty sure Gene was his mate. Then an unexpected threat comes for Gene, Leon will do everything in his power to keep his mate safe. There are many surprises for Gene in this story that will keep him and the others on their toes.

I loved this story and cannot wait for the next story to come out. It has an exciting story line that will catch your eye. It has wonderful characters that just want to protect their family. It catches my attention from the moment I open the book and keeps it all the way to the end. I love paranormal’s and Stephani always gives them wonderful twists that are amazing.

I would recommend reading this story if you love sexy shifters, excitement, adventure and a touch of danger. It gives you all that and so much more.

Only You by Willa Okati

91aLoX2x60L._SL1500_Title: Only You
Series: The Soulmarked Series, Book 2
Author: Willa Okati
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novella (80 Pounds)
ISNB: 978-1-78430-096-8
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing (July 18th, 20140
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Lovers and best friends, the unmarked Nick and Barrett risked everything to present themselves as a bonded pair. They thought they were safe, but things are changing…

Nick and Barrett aren’t soulmates. Lovers for years, they’ve rolled the dice and taken a gamble on presenting themselves as a bonded pair. They knew the risks, but think they’re safe. They’re well over the age when soulmarks usually appear, and none of their friends or family are any the wiser.

Until now. After exposure to the incendiary reunion between his friend Ivan and Ivan’s soulmate Robbie, Nick’s soulmark has begun to emerge.
And Barrett’s hasn’t.

Faced with a devil’s choice, Nick and Barrett are forced to confront the real possibility of being driven apart—unless they can fight the animal urge to find their mates. Do they have what it takes to stand in defiance of double jeopardy, all for the sake of love?

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Review: This is book two in the series and they should be read in order. It will give you an insight into all of the characters and a way of life for them. This was a pretty good story the way each character mixes.

Nick and Barrett have not been marked as soulmates. However, they have spent their time together as lovers and best friend. They let the world think that they were a bonded pair. They figured they were safe because they were older than those who get the bonded mates. They love each other more than anything.

Then it happens one night, Nick has a mark showing up on the back of his neck. Barrett thinks his heart will break. They know that if they are not with their bonded that it will be severe pain. Although Nick has the urge to bite Barrett, they still don’t know what is happening. Then a friend notices a mark on Barrett, do they take the chance to look or do they keep pretending.

These two make the perfect couple. There is so much love between them, that they are willing to go through the pain from not being with who they are bonded to just be together. To fear that they are not bonded yet go against what they were taught is probably the hardest thing for them to do. They would not give up on each other. Although the fear is there, that they will lose what they want most. What they want most is each other.

This is a fascinating story that will catch your attention and will keep it. I love the way they just come together perfectly. This story just flows off the pages for you. It has the mix of angst, bits of pain and happiness. I would recommend reading this if you like a touch of the paranormal world, sexy men, hot passion, excitement and a little bit of quirk to it.

Mate of the High Dragon by Marcy Jacks

mateofthehighdragonTitle: Mate of the High Dragon
Series: Of Dragons and Wolves, #5
Author: Marcy Jacks
Genre: Paranormal/ Shape-shifter
Length: Novella (127 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-63258-102-0
Publisher: Siren Publishing (July 19th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.5Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Conner Abbot is about to have his first, and possibly his only, child with the love of his life, high dragon Aris Macleod. The problem is that Aris is a dragon and Conner is an omega werewolf who already has a bad heart. If he shifts into his wolf while pregnant, he could possibly die. He might even die just from carrying the hatchling at all, but it’s a risk he’s willing to take, and one that his mate is having a hard time accepting.

Aris loves his mate, wants everything for him, but seeing him sick, and in bed, all the time, hurts him. He’s terrified to touch his mate, despite the sexual desires still pounding through him. He doesn’t want to do anything that will harm Conner or his child.

But Conner won’t have that. He’s determined to show Aris that just because he’s pregnant, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy each other in every way possible.

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Review: This is book five in this series and they should be read in order. This was an amazing story. Each book focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters. For me it helps me from not really knowing what the story is really about and helps me to understand where each one comes from. It also helps me to understand why they act the way they do.

Connor had been given to the high dragon Aris Macleod as a mate. He loved Aris with all of his heart. Dragons go into a heat where they can get their mates pregnant. However, Connor had not only a bad leg but also a bad heart. He had feared that Connor would die if he got him pregnant. So he had avoided Connor throughout his heat, although it didn’t work the way he had it planned. Connor had indeed gotten pregnant, and had told Aris that in no way were they terminating the pregnancy. Now further along Aris was terrified of losing his mate.

They also had a problem of a true shifter that had been tormenting Kendrick and Roman. He had wanted Kendrick enough to destroy Roman. Kidnapping Kendrick and Connor would bring his own death at the hands of not only the dragons but the werewolves also. Aris would do anything to protect his mate. As would Roman, although Kendricks death would drive Roman over the edge.

Wolves and dragons have to come together to take out the dangers that were out there coming for them. The fight that they were expecting was not the one they had to fight. The danger came from inside their own home. Aris however has another danger that will drive him over the edge, for his mate wanted him to get him into bed. Aris had feared that sex would kill his mate, so he tried his hardest to stay away, but Connor was not having it. He was bound and determined to get what he wants, even if he has to seduce his love to get it.

I loved this story, but also hated it. I hated that Kendrick was killed off. You could tell from the very beginning how Kendrick and Roman felt for each other. Roman had in fact gone against all odds to take the one man he loved for his mate. Just to be able to put him with someone else really sucked. I hated that part of the story. Kendrick was one of my favorite characters and I wish that Marcy had found another way to bring in someone else. However once you open the story it will capture you attention and keep it all the way to the end. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

It has everything you could want in it. Danger, excitement, adventure, feisty mates, sexy alpha’s and crazy shifters. I would recommend reading this story, because it will give you a world to lose yourself in. A world that is pretty amazing.


For A Dragon’s Protection by Charlie Richards

91ICx8bx+PL._SL1500_Title: For A Dragon’s Protection
Series: Highland Dragons # 2
Author: Charlie Richards
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Dragons
ISBN: 978-1-77111-677-0
Length: Novella (77 pages)
Publisher: Extasy Books (September 15th, 2013)
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥3 Hearts
Reviewer: Thommie
Blurb: Two men. One only wants to help a friend. The other wants to capture his heart.

When Elder Combs—leader for the gray caste of dragons—discovers Ewan MacNiery dying on the side of the mountain, he’s instantly smitten. Helping the human regain his health comes first, followed closely by seducing him and making him his own. Except Ewan claims he’s not interested in males and fights their attraction. Between the danger, Ewan’s appearance in the valley represents and the human’s own resistances, can Combs figure out how to convince Ewan that staying and building a life with a male dragon will fulfill the desires of his heart?
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Review: Book #2 in Highland Dragons comes along and swipes you right up that fantasy tale where a man can be a dragon’s beloved. I must say I still find it highly thrilling, and the story that follows is quite good, managing to provide enjoyment and fun in reading it.
In this installment, we reconnect with Ewan, Ian’s best friend, when he nears the dragon’s valley in order to warn his friend of his father’s intentions. Nearly dead on his feet, severely wounded Ewan captures Elder Combs attention. But Ewan has never been drawn to men and even as his body reacts to the dragon Elder, his mind won’t let him succumb.

Now this was a bit uncomfortable read, mostly because there is this dubious consent issue with Ewan. The gay for you is something I’d really not approach, especially when it was so obvious that the MC did not have these tendencies prior to meeting his to-be lover. The fact that the Elder is quite a bit manipulative didn’t help. It is safe to say that Ewan gets literally coerced into the bond, rather than getting smitten and suddenly realizing that wow he might be into men as well after all. This little detail made for a less pleasant read than book one.

However the story evolves a little bit more, we get to learn more about the castes of the dragons, and their existence, the adventure is there yet again and a sneak peek into what might come in the third installment intrigues you and literally makes you want that new book right here right now.

Overall, the story of Combs and Ewan while a bit unnerving, is still quite stimulating and fun to read, but I do recommend should you start reading the series, to pick the books in order, makes for a much more enjoyable ride.

Restitution from His Mate by Charlie Richards

Charlie Richards - Restitution from His MateTitle: Restitution from His Mate

Series: A Paranormal’s Love, Book 8

Author: Charlie Richards

Genre: Werewolves/ Paranormal

Length: Novella (120 Pages)

ISNB: 978-1-77111-953-5

Publisher: Extasy Books (June 1st, 2014)

Heat Level: Moderate

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Into the Paranormal World: Sometimes running from something will lead you right to it.

Logan McByrne enjoys working at his construction company, drinking beer with his buddies, and sex with no strings attached…usually in that order. When his occasional hook-up, the gargoyle Geoffrey, gets too serious, Logan heads to Oregon for a working vacation at his friend, Zander’s ranch. On a hunting expedition to thin a large pack of coyotes that have been terrorizing his buddy’s goat herds, he runs into the last thing he expects, a group of wolf shifters. Zander panics, there are shots fired, and Logan is blamed for a stray bullet that hits one of the wolves.

James Jimmy Noleander is the beta of the Tamang wolf pack. While he never expected meeting his mate would grant him an immediate happily ever after, he never in his wildest dreams thought his mate would shoot him. Jimmy wants to forgive his mate, but laws are in place and restitution must be made. On top of that, Jimmy discovers that a jealous gargoyle is on Logan’s tail and Logan has commitment issues. Can Jimmy keep Logan safe, figure out a way to convince Logan of the benefits of mating, while finding suitable reparation that won’t drive his mate away?

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Review: This is book eight in this series and they need to be read in order. Now with this series it goes back even further than the first book in this series. You will fall in love with all of the books that Charlie writes. She has such a gift at giving you men that you will want to follow.

Logan loves working at his construction company, enjoying drinking beer with his friends and having sex with no strings attached. However, he has had a few times more than he should have with a gargoyle. He loved the sex but Greg was getting too attached to him, so he knew he had to go somewhere to make a good break. He goes out to help one of his friends, when the coyotes were attacking his animals. Zander had needed help, so Logan knows he has to help. However, instead of finding the coyote’s they found a group of wolf shifters. Logan had known about shifters for a while, but Zander had not. So trying to get the gun away, one of the shifters gets shot. This particular shifter also happened to be his mate. What a way to find a guy.

Jimmy had been teaching the pups how to track others, but he had not been paying attention when they came across a human in hunting gear. He had also not expected to get shot. When his alpha finds out, he tells Logan that Jimmy must ask for restitution. Even knowing that Logan might not have been the one to shoot him, he asks that Logan stay with him till he is healed. It also helped Logan decide if he wants to be mated of not.

Logan was scared since he had never really had a true relationship, if he could have one. He knew that he wanted Jimmy, so maybe mating will be a good choice. Now if only he can get over his fear, he could have the best of all worlds.

I loved this series and especially this book. To truly get an understanding of this series you should start with Wolves of Stone Ridge, which branches off to Kontra’s Menagerie. These are two other series that will give you an insight into this amazing world. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. It caught my attention from the very start and kept it all the way to the end.

Ghostly Persuasion by Caitlin Ricci

4407GHOSTLYPERSUASION510-430x645Title: Ghostly Persuasion

Author: Caitlin Ricci

Genre: Erotic Romance/Ghosts/Horror/Paranormal

Length: Short (47 pages)

ISBN: 978-1-77111-973-3

Publisher: eXtasy Books (July 1st 2014)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 4 Hearts

Reviewer: Cat

Blurb: When Tarryn gets into trouble, he’s shipped off to a ranch for the summer. He thinks it’ll be a horrible experience, and it starts out that way for sure. But when a handsome cowboy walks into his life, Tarryn is instantly interested. Sparks fly but Tarryn gets more than he bargained for in the bed of this cowboy.

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Review: Tarryn’s mom calls in a favor with the ranch owner and sends Tarryn to work for the summer after he gets in trouble again, hoping this will straighten him out.

Cody, a cowboy and family friend of the owner’s has come in for the summer to train the horses to sell. Cody thinks Tarryn is sexy and makes a bet to get a kiss. That night in the bunk, Tarryn has some hot sex with what he thinks is the sexy Cody but is in for a scary surprise, when he finds out it was the ghost of Cody’s brother instead. I was wrapped up in the story and shocked when it ended so quickly. I wanted more, more, more!

This is a very interesting story. It starts out pretty hot and then has a cool twist with the ghost. I would have loved for this to have been much longer. I wanted more of Cody, his brother, Tarryn’s issues and more on the ending.

If you like hot cowboys, horses, ghosts, and some hot mansex this is for you!

Accepting His Wolf by Sunny Day

www.bookstrand.comTitle: Accepting His Wolf
Author: Sunny Day
Genre: Paranormal/ Futuristic/ Science Fiction
Length: Novella (177 pages)
ISBN: 9781627419833
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand (9th July 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate – Explicit
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4 Hearts
Reviewer: Pixie
Blurb: Not even Legion, the force that helped expel the aliens that invaded their world decades ago, is immune to the rift between humans and shifters. When hostilities between the two factions escalate to a point of crisis in Legion station Boer, Legion decides to put a stop to mutual mistrust. They send in a new station commander and name a shifter as his deputy.

Neither Nathaniel nor Rio are supporters of this plan, but both know it has to be done. They aren’t expecting the attraction that flares between them, and soon they are involved in a relationship. All around them tensions are mounting as friends and enemies alike pursue their own agenda. Between violent attacks and sly political maneuvering, it’s hard to stay together. Then Nathaniel’s past rears its ugly head, threatening to destroy everything Nathaniel holds dear. When a cunning enemy makes his move, they have to stand united or lose everything.

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Review: Legion is the world police force, but upholding the law isn’t easy when a few bigoted officers force hostilities with shifters. Shifters and humans must work together again, as they once had to repel the aliens, but this time it’s to stop a war between humans and shifters. With shifters being accepted within Legion ranks, the responsibility is Nathaniel’s as he is tasked with making it work at Boer station. Shifter Rio doesn’t have high hopes but accepts his position as second in command and as problems crop up he discovers that placing his trust in his commander is the right thing to do. Rio and Nathaniel’s relationship carries over after work but takes on a personal tone, and as they become closer more problems arise and when Nathaniel lets his secret out his past rears its ugly head and Rio and Nathaniel must stand together if they are going to have a hope for the future.

This is an excellent story that has a touch of science fiction twisted together with paranormal. Nathaniel is a brilliant character who has worked hard to get where he is. When he is told, he will be the new Commander at Boer station he knows he is in for a difficult time. The shifters in the area have been sorely abused. But with the help of his new second in command, they just might get it to work. Rio is superb as the shifter who has to make sure shifters get their fair chance; he has enough on his plate without having to work as a Legionnaire but accepts his Alpha’s instruction. Things perk up when he meets his new Commander and as he pursues a relationship with Nathaniel, they have to juggle their new relationship with their responsibilities.

This is a world where shifters are known, some humans might not like it but shifters proved themselves when they joined up with the humans to fight against an alien invasion, now that war is over the Legion is trying to integrate the shifters into their ranks. I really enjoyed this story as it laid out the plot early on but there were still surprises to be had later in the story. Not only do we get to see a passionate romance unfold, but also we see the struggle that the humans and shifters have as they try to work together and get the community to trust them. We see the power struggles going on within Rio’s pack. And then we have Nathaniel’s secret being revealed and his past coming back to cause trouble.
Both Nathaniel and Rio are great and you become invested in what is happening.

You never lose the thread of what is going on so it’s easy to enjoy. Rio’s and Nathaniel’s relationship is pretty fast-moving but feels right for the story, the struggle for trust between the humans and the shifters is well written and I think it was carried out just right with the tensions and boundaries being pushed. I fell into this story and didn’t want it to finish. In fact, I am hoping that Sunny Day will be writing a sequel because I really want to know what will happen with the pack power struggles.

I recommend this to those who love paranormal with a hint of science fiction, those who love juggling difficult situations, those who love a good romance, and those who love issues being resolved.

Test of Champions by A.C. Ellas

4475testofchampions510w-430x645Title: Test of Champions
Series: Sons of the Wind, Book 4
Author: A. C. Ellas
Genre: Shapeshifters/ Paranormal/ Action/ Fantasy
Length: Novella (122 Pages)
ISBN: 978-1-77111-948-1
Publisher: Extasy Books (June 1, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts
Reviewer: Lisa

Blurb: Now there are twelve.

V-Tach has won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. Now, only the Belmont Stakes stands between him and racing history. But the Test of Champions has defeated many a Triple Crown dream and not all horses finish the trail.

The disappearance of magical horses struck home once with the disappearance of Xanthos. When Achilles Pat O’Peleon, Vee’s mate, is stolen, the shifter is determined to track him down, but the odds are against them, and so is the clock, for the day of the Belmont Stakes looms ever closer.

Are the púcca jockey and his racehorse shifter up to the task of finding and freeing the magical horses? Will they make it back to the track in time for the Belmont or will they be forced to abandon their dream in the face of greater need? What price is the pair willing to pay for victory, both on and off the track?

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Review: This is book four in this series and they need to be read in order. It not only keeps you from getting lost but also gives you an insight into their amazing world. This author has an amazing gift at giving you a story that you can fall in love with. I still cannot get it to stick in my mind about horse shifters and magic but this will give you both of those and so much more.

In this amazing series, you have a horse shifter who is mated to Pat. Pat is what is called a pucca. A person with magical properties. It does get me lost sometimes in this series, but at least this story gets more of a reaction out of me. Vee is also known as V-Tach and has won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. The next one is the Belmont Stakes, but when Pat is kidnapped, Vee will do everything to get his mate back.

Pat knows his mate will find him, but he is worried about the Belmont Stakes. They are coming up soon and he needs to be with his mate. He doesn’t want to miss it, but when trouble keeps arising, he knew that he had to choose. He does know that he will choose his mate over everything else in the world. Viktor is his mate and he will always choose him.

It is a better story than the first three. It just had a little something more than the others did not. Maybe it was the fact that in this story Pat actually chooses Vee over everything. I can understand the races and wanting to win them so bad, but in this, one Vee came first in Pat’s mind. It showed that their love was strong and tenderer than I had seen before.

I would recommend this story especially if you love to hear about two sexy men, shape shifters, excitement, adventure and a bit of danger. This story has all that and more to it. It gives you a twist that will make you smile and cheer them on.

Mask of the Shaman by Pelaam

81gKPTM0k8L._SL1500_Title: Mask of the Shaman
Series: N/A
Author: Pelaam
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short (46 pages)
Publisher: Dark Hollows Press (July 16th, 2014)
Heat Level: Moderate
Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥4.75Hearts
Blurb: A mate who’s a possible thief isn’t quite what cop and coyote shifter Cheveyo Parker envisioned for himself. However, one glance at Nathanial – decked out in blue jeans, an open-necked shirt, and handcuffs – and Chev is unable to deny the primal connection he feels between them.

Claiming shifter’s rights to be able to protect Nathanial, Chev teams up with a shifter detective to uncover the truth. But when he starts to investigate what appears to be the theft of a South American Shaman’s mask, he finds something much darker and far more deadly going on.

And when Nathanial goes missing, Chev will need all his coyote instincts to find his mate in time!
Product Link:!maskoftheshaman/c1lrx
Reviewer: Shorty
Review: Officer Chev Parker, a coyote shifter, is called in to the scene of a robbery involving ancient artifacts. Once he arrives, something calls to him. Upon investigation, he realizes his human mate Nathanial is the prime suspect being arrested for the crime. After talking with Nathanial, Chev believes he’s innocent and sets out to prove it with the help of several other shifters.

I really liked how smoothly this story flowed. There was a lot of mystery, suspense, and drama throughout the book that kept me intrigued. Wonderfully written. The details of the mask were amazing. The passion was hot and intense.

I completely enjoyed reading this book.