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  1. Hi, I learned from Ariel at Dreamspinner Press that you’re looking for m/m writers to interview? I’m an author at DS as well as Siren Publishing, and I’d love a chance to be interviewed. My first story with DS comes out in February, and I already have two books out by Siren.


  2. Hi there. I’m answering your call for m/m authors to interview. I’m fairly new –and therefore a little frightened–my 1st published book came out in December with MLR and my charity-call short story with Featherweight this month. I also have 2 stories coming out with Less Than Three Press and you actually reviewed my free read “Outfoxed” in December. Thanks.


    1. K-lee, we actually have a couple more of yours to review in queue. I just haven’t updated the list for this week. I’ll contact you for an interview via the email that I have on file. Thanks for popping into our inbox…you are a fabulous writer.


  3. Hi, can you please let me know what section of your site explains the heat rating? I have searching without success. Thanks, Anika


      1. Anika,

        I keep meaning to post an key to our rating system, but it keeps slipping my ming. Here is the rating system that I give to my new reviewers:

        Heat Level: Low, Moderate, Explicit – amount of sex actually seen in the text

        Heart Rating: 1-hated it, 1- it was okay, 3-liked it, 4-loved it, 5- OMG

        Hope this was what you were looking for.


  4. Love your rating system. My writing spans the gamut from low – high, with my high-level Debut LGBT (Just Call Me Nick) from JMSbooks, on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Good Reads now. My second (Relatively Speaking) is being released March 24. A non-fiction (Phallic Worship . . . is on line as well). I’ve been writing/publishing for many years (short stories/ articles/essays/poetry/haiku/etc), but lgbt is a new-ish genre for me. As for a possible interview – I’ve lived in Mexico for 25 years – a problem?
    My thanks,
    Allen Mack (McGill)


  5. Which good idea your blog, unfortunately in France we have some more of translated but DSP arrives and meets a lot of success.
    I am fortunate because I can read it in English ,then thank you for these ideas of reading.


  6. Hello, I’m a new author of M/M romance. I firmly believe that this genre needs more quality! I don’t write s**k and f**k stories, M/M relationships can, surprise, surprise, have depth to their love and passion, though alac you might not think it, considering some of the titles and content out there!! [I should also say there's very good stuff, too, of course]. Like every new author, I’d be happy to be interviewed! If agreeable to you, what do I do next re this? Many thanks! Robyn.


  7. Are you still looking for MM writers to interview and review? I have 2 MM books coming out in June and July plus a long backlist of MM stories.

    I’d love to be interviewed by you. Please let me know. Thanks.


  8. If you are looking for a new book to review, I would happily send you a copy and also could provide an authors blog..

    Unconventional Desires: A diary of discovery… Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism by Victoria Louise Sadler


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